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Comment Re:Good for apple (Score 1) 1078

Apple needs to start asking it's customers if they are smokers BEFORE selling them the product, and refusing to offer it to smokers BEFORE taking the cusomer's money. In fact they should put this in all of their marketing materials. To do less is pretty fraudulent. If they are not going to honor the warranty based on the habit of smoking, then they should have to refund the price of the machine and any extended warranty that was purchased.

Apple doesn't want to subject their techs to tobacco smoke residue? Fine, stop taking money from smokers and give back what it has already taken. It's that simple.

Do you think a smoking customer would buy Apple's product knowing that the warranty would be void as soon as they light up a smoke?

I wouldn't, but then I don't "think diffrent" like those Apple users claim to.


Comment Re:Nonono... Blackadder explained it all (Score 1) 416

Suppose the only two that a person likes on your lists are, watering the pot plants and adultry. What then?

Or in the case of a lot of "christians" in the military command structure we hear about, singing and talking to God, pilaging and torture?

How long are these lists, how many of them are there, who writes or edits them and where can I get a copy?


Comment Re:good to see it as a mechanic (Score 1) 141

"Heck, I'd say you've solved the age-old Problem of Evil: an omnipotent and loving God did make an eternal utopia for his creations to live in ... then some asshole went back in time and screwed it all up, and here we are!"

I think you have left out one of the legs of the tripod. The "problem of evil" involves an all loving, all knowing, all powerfull being. If there was an asshole going back to screw it all up, then the all knowing god should know about it. If that god can't do anything about it, then he's not all powerfull. If the god refuses to do anything about it then it's not all good. And if the asshole goes undetected, then the god's not all knowing.


Comment Re:Do we really need GPS to track mileage ? (Score 4, Insightful) 891

"the Prius drivers have more of an impact on the roads because they can drive much further (and cause much more wear on the roads) than the Hummer drivers."

The Prius weighs in at just over 3000 lbs, the Hummer H3 at just over 6000. How is the Prius with it's smaller wheels and less weight going to do MORE damage to roads no matter how far they drive? Seems like the way to measure the damage is per mile right, not vehicle range?


It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Seagate 1TB drive has 1.2 HOURS MTBF ( 1

Tardigrade writes: According to ComputerWorld, according to Seagate officials, Seagate's new 1 TB drives have 1.2 hours MTBF:

'Seagate's Barracuda 7200.11 and Barracuda ES.2 feature 7,200-rpm spin speeds, up to 32MB cache, average seek times of 8.5 milliseconds, and a 1.2-hour mean time before failure (MBTF) rating, according to Seagate officials.'

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