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Comment Makes sense. Its just the Army. (Score 4, Insightful) 506

I'd me more surprised if it were the marines or the navy seals being downsized. The Army is a lot of bulk manpower that just sits around for the most part and maintains control of areas that have already been seized from the enemy via the attacking efforts of the marines. Advancements of technology means drones and stationary automated turrets can do a lot of that defending work I'd imagine. Just gotta have some protected folks around to maintain control and change the batteries every now and then. Probably way more affordable than actual people. The marines and seals on the other hand can't be so easily replaced by a machine.

Comment Re:Depends on China (Score 1) 325

Not as long as China protects him he won't. For various reasons I don't entirely understand China has elected to keep this family in power.

I thought it was rather obvious. Kim Jong-un and his kin are likely a family line of alcoholics more than happy to just stay drunk and remain too busy having fun partying it up to dare think clearly for a moment and "rock the boat" (just ask Dennis Rodman). Kim is Probably a pushover who is easily persuaded to keep drinking by his admirees. And as long as he's too busy keeping staying drunk, he's not dabbling in more dangerous things things like warfare and nukes. Last thing we want is a family line of stone-cold-sober and power-obsessed critical thinkers at the helm. That could lead to genocide. So I guess we can all give a big thanks to Rodman for sacrificing his time and health to do his part to protect world peace by keeping this overempowered wild-child distracted. Things could be a lot worse.

Comment Re:That Explains the Peace in Egypt (Score 2) 66

Well if it had very little alcohol, maybe they drank a whole lot of it, plus drank it while consuming other drugs and substances. When I look at that hieroglyph shown in the ad, I'm seeing on the bottom row 3rd from the left what appears to be a guy sporting a HUGE beer gut, plus he has a refer-smoking buddy across standing on the opposite side of the table in front of him. Plus I think those folks bottom right are playing music. Compared to today that matches up pretty accurately to typical college party life.

Comment That Explains the Peace in Egypt (Score 0) 66

The reigning pharaoh at the time (Pharaoh Amenhotep III) had a reign that was relatively peaceful and uneventful. The beer explains it. When alcohol consumption by the population in general in any country goes down, the probability of a looming war goes up. When everyone calms down and has a drink, war probability goes down. Right now in Egypt alcohol sale restrictions have increased and stores have even been pressured to close shop by society in general, and we all have heard of the recent chaos as of late there. Its even happened to the United States. World War One started soon after prohibition.

Comment Re:Yeah.... (Score 1) 243

They're probably not his, but he'll take 'em if nobody else is claiming them. Put yourself in his shoes. There's a shitton of bitcoins worth a lot of money and nobody is claiming them but everybody is pointing the finger at you. I'd be like "(puzzled) There's a shitton of money just sitting there? And everybody thinks that its mine? Hmmnnn.......why YES! Yes it probably is mine. Give me the money now please. Thank you very much!"

Comment ADD = The Business of Curing Stupidity (Score 3, Informative) 246

I have ADD myself, and I take meds to treat it. I can honestly say that I make smarter decisions when on my medications. I focus better, get things done, my social life improves, and I'm just generally better at living. And when I reflect back on days when I was not on my meds, I often just shake my head at myself in embarassment for all the dumb things I did that day. So glad to have a treatment. I think before ADD was clinically diagnosed, people were just called "less intelligent". And who wants to be dumb? Certainly not me.

Comment i say: put your money where your mouth is. (Score 5, Interesting) 293

We probably won't hear a word about these folks in public TV due to well orchestrated govt control, which makes it less obvious to the public. I say: all seven of these should stand together united with the same message and video on their homepages. That'll force their way into public television networks.

Comment That includes vaporware. (Score 1) 406

I think college students should have to take an ethics course on spotting vaporware. The scenario usually it goes like this: An employer hires you to do a job, and then eventually they want you to work on only the front-end portion of a solution to use for presentation purposes only. They say "we'll make it work later. right now just make it look like its work because we're using it for a presentation to sell this company to a new owner". Then of course later on they say "ok make it work now" and demand unreasonable completion deadlines and want emails by end of day confirming a list of functional features that have been completed and confirmed to work (nevermind relational database design and the testing phase). When the developer says they can't get all that done in that short of an amount of time, next they get a speech that goes something along the lines of: "right now we have chickenshit, and we need to turn this into chicken salad so we can sell it". And somehow the owner has convinced themselves that the developer is totally oblivious to whats going on. They're obviously going to rip off some poor soul who thinks they're buying a near-completed product, and when the buyer realizes they've been duped and take it to court, the previous owner will have a stack of emails from the developer saying "your honor, my programmer lied to me. i was unaware we were this far from completion". Its vaporware, its a scam, its unethical to participate, plus you're willingly setting yourself up as a patsy.

Comment Maybe this + Metallica is a bad idea (Score 1) 132

According to the Rolling Stone, they're playing near the heliport of the continent's Carlini Argentine Base on December 8 2013. I gotta think their music is loud enough to split ice-sheets and shake the earth where it generally should remain unshaken for the sake of avoiding the trigger of a natural disaster.

Comment death was an act of mercy (Score 1) 366

poor clam grew old enough to watch it friends, parents, family and entire generation die off leaving it alone yet around to become a great great great great great great.....(insert more greats) grandparent, and then as a final anticlimax it was taken from its natural habitat and killed to satiate the curiosities of a few whitecoats in the name of science. humans are inumane. shame on them! at least the clam didn't have to live to endure having the the makeup industry test its cosmetic products on it like the poor piglets.

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