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Comment The Last (Score 1) 118

Am I the only one who still pays for stuff with cash?

I don't use credit cards... because dept racks up fast.....
I don't use my debit card.... because this links directly to my account. I'm sure if walmart pulled 10,000 instead of 10.00 I'd get my money back... but it would take 3-5 business days and wouldn't cover bounced checks or late fees.
I don't use any of the reward cards... because I know what data mining is and I'd rather not have everything I ever buy linked to my name.

I pulled out cash at a whole foods a few days ago and I actually heard the fucker behind me 'sigh' .

I still can't believe people care so little about privacy anymore.

Comment Re:Still confused by Allo (Score 1) 171

It crosses a line with me. Knowing personal details gained from 'reading/indexing' what are supposed to be private messages is just wrong. I know its in your EULA and anyone using your services has agreed to allow Google to do this. But I never will. Even if the data is for ads, its still a personal profile about very, very private details. I know Marketers drool at the mouth for information like this, but I will not give you that info. EVER!

Comment Re:Unsurprising (Score 1) 78

I use a reader app to access a library of books, comics, etc that I keep on a CIFS share. I have systems automatically download and sort the files. I have a reader on a phone that can only connect to a local file to browse and read. I can't copy the entire library to my phone, even a subset would be space prohibitive. So Mounting the directory to my phone allowing the browse and opening of files is what I'm after.

Comment Re:Another "data source" (Score 3, Informative) 365

Of course the info is stored.... do you think they would willingly let you delete the data that makes them valuable?

Your Real Name, Real Resume, Real Job History, Real list of working acquaintances, Real Address, Real Phone number, and possibly Real Salary history is too 'mine-able' when added to the win10 telemetry, skype info, online 365 info.

Now all that Real Data belongs to MS. And there's nothing you or I can do about it.

Comment Re:Another one bites the dust (Score 5, Interesting) 365

It works like this, a recruiter wants access to the HR or C level exec at a company. So, the recruiter sends out a contact request to the 300 employees of that company hoping that a few will accept. And of the Few that accept, there's a decent chance they have connections to real targets in the co.

Comment Re:Unsurprising (Score 1) 78

Ah yes, but lets not forget that a laptop runs an OS that is made for productivity. Android and iOS are made for consumption.

If you want to create stuff, you need a laptop with an real OS designed for that. Last time I checked, after the upgrade from ver 4, I couldn't mount a cifs share on my phone anymore. Hmmm. And I need to save and edit files, android puts files all over the freaking place, have you ever tried finding something specific (and, no, letting the OS sort shit for me won't fly for real work).

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