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Submission + - 4-year-old hugs Grandma, TSA goes berserk (

OverTheGeicoE writes: Michelle Brademeyer was flying home from Kansas with her mother and two young children. She and her children passed through TSA's security without incident, but her mother triggered an alarm and sat down to await a pat-down. Brademeyer's 4-year-old daughter then ran over and gave Grandma a hug. The TSA agents on the scene then did what TSA does best: they completely lost control of the situation. They started yelling at the 4-year-old, demanding that she go through a pat-down search (Grandma might have passed her a gun) and preventing Brademeyer from touching her daughter in any way. In classic example of 'wisdom from the mouths of babes,' the little girl then screamed 'no!' and ran away. TSA screeners then declared the girl a 'high-security threat,' and threatened to shut down the entire airport and cancel all flights if the girl was not 'restrained.' Eventually, with Brademeyer's help, TSA had their way with the child and let her go, following the family to the gate and stirring up trouble for the rest of their trip. If the poor little girl ever feels bad about this incident, perhaps she can take comfort knowing that TSA has trouble with older kids too, and even members of Congress.

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