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Comment Re:VOIP sucks. (Score 1) 426

In my situation VOIP isn't even an option with AT&T. Most of the copper in my neighborhood is going on 60 years old. They pulled in fiber for some dslams some of which even support the uverse stuff. Some people are on loops that have a straight shot and some, like me, are on loops that do crazy zig-zags throughout the neighborhood. So quite literally, the guy one street behind be is screaming along with uverse tripple play while my crappy dsl can't hold a decent signal when the wind stirs ( above ground lines ). To add insult to injury the city has two, not one, two utility poles on my property with an easement and AT&T fiber running right there with the loop I'm on terminating there as well. The last tech I talked to even told me the old loop I'm at the very end of was a 96 pair and that with a new dslam installed on the easement it would be trivial to light up all 96 of us on the old, crappy loop. AT&T has repeatedly told me that no further plans are in order for improvements to loops in my neighborhood as they are satisfactory. So then. Does that mean they plan to give me wireless service in lieu of working voip or just blow more smoke up my ass? Some tin cans with string perhaps? For what it's worth, I get far more reliable albeit much slower service from the city provided AT&T wifi service in my neighborhood than I do their shit dsl I pay for. Oh, now I get it, I get to "lease" wifi phones. Cheeky bastards. Also, another dsl node went up about 500 ft from my house but to cover the adjoining neighborhood. *Slaps forehead* I'm hoarse from complaining to them.

Comment Anti-tailgate thingy for celliots? (Score 0, Offtopic) 259

So most of the tailgaters I encounter here in California are either impatient asses or what I unaffectionately call celliots. Nothing like driving a Civic down the freeway and having a few tons of a Fraud Excrusion 18 passenger SUV Ultra crawl up your ass at 80+mph because the pilot of said living room on wheels is too busy yapping/texting away. How dare we interrupt their conversations with, you know, driving. I digress. Anyway, why not take this thing a step further? I say add in some RF spectrum analysis and a retractable cartoon-esque metal hand in the headliner above the driver. Once a proximity alert is detected RF analysis is done to check for local mobile spectrum use. If the signal doesn't fluctuate enough in say 5 seconds to indicate a drop in talking or of the call altogether then the previously mentioned paw O' reckoning drops down, taps the driver on the shoulder and if they continue to ignore it slaps them silly and shakes an accusing finger at them. RF jamming tech could work well too but the FCC will have no part of that and well, its just not as cool as looking in the rearview to see the hand dole out a little justice.

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