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Submission + - Spanish Firm Wins Tablet Case Against Apple (

pmontra writes: A Spanish company has won a legal case against Apple and will be able to sell an Android tablet that Apple had claimed infringes on the iPad patent. It is now seeking damages from Apple for a temporary seizure of its products by Spanish customs. Furthermore they are pursuing an antitrust complaint against Apple, alleging abusive anticompetitive behavior.

Submission + - New Touchscreen Tech Recognizes Different Parts of (

Zothecula writes: Small touchscreen devices such smartphones certainly have their attractions, but they also have one drawback — there isn't much room on their little screens for touch-sensitive features. This means that users will sometimes instead have to go into sub-menus, or make do with jabbing their fingers at tiny controls. Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University's Human-Computer Interaction Institute, however, are working on an alternative. Their prototype TapSense system can differentiate between screen taps from different parts of the finger, and will perform different tasks accordingly.

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Is this piracy or not ? 8

Chuby007 writes: "ok I own a movie on DVD now the Blu-ray version is out, I want to download the Blu-ray version, I do not think it's piracy, because I ALREADY PAYED for the rights of the movie, but what do you guys think is it or is it not ?"

Submission + - Piracy ? (http) 2

Chuby007 writes: "I have a question, I own movies on DVD, however I want to download the BlueRay versions of the same movies, will this be movie piracy or not ? I mean I already own them it's just a different quality..."

Comment Really ? (Score 1) 209

ok to all the drama queens discussing that they changed the version numbers and whatnot, just remember to use kernels bigger than whatever you use now if available... who cares if they jump versions on increments of 0.00000001 or 1000000000 ... geez, if he wanted this could be kernel 398828811.000000002 and you would still use it and like it !

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