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Submission + - Slashdot Editor David Tries to cover up Fake News Error (

An anonymous reader writes: Today Slashdot Editor David decided that instead of posting a new article explaining the erroneous Washington Post report that he also submitted here yeserday, he decided to just change the headline and hope nobody would notice. This might have been OK if he'd at least attempted to acknowledge that he made an error, but instead tries to make it look like it was correct all along. Very pathetic, do you agree?

Submission + - Parents sue Apple for toddler's death after a traffic accident. (

sabri writes: A Texas couple is going after the money by suing Apple for the tragic death of their daughter. How Apple contributed to the girl's death?

Garrett Wilhelm, 22, was able to use FaceTime while driving 65mph on Interstate I-35 near Dallas on Christmas Eve in 2014, when he slammed into the back of someone else's vehicle.

Wait while I sue McDonalds for being fat.

Submission + - Someone in North Korea is Hosting a Facebook Clone

Jason Koebler writes: Someone in North Korea appears to have created a Facebook clone, according to an internet analytics company that traced the site’s DNS to the notoriously isolated country. The social network is an off-the-shelf Facebook clone called dolphinPHP.
Dyn Analytics researcher Doug Madory said that “very few websites resolve to the North Korean address space, and this one does.”

Submission + - BadWinmail Microsoft Outlook Bug Can Give Attackers Control Over PCs (

An anonymous reader writes: Users are vulnerable just by reading or previewing an email

Just by looking at an email message in Outlook, attackers can now take control over your PC. The good news is that Microsoft has patched the issue, but unless you updated Outlook after December 8, you're still vulnerable to this issue.

Submission + - ISRO launches six Singaporean satellites

vasanth writes: The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) successfully launched six Singapore satellites on Wednesday, the Indian space agency also tested the fourth stage of its PSLV rocket, the PSLV rocket is a four stage/engine rocket powered by solid and liquid fuel alternatively.

The test to restart the fourth stage of the PSLV rocket would help India in its future launches while attempting to launch multiple satellites in different orbits. Restarting a rocket engine soon after it is shut off is a critical technology that has to be mastered. Once a rocket engine is activated, then the heat generated is very high. The trick is to cool it down in the space and to restart it at a short gap.

With the latest, India has launched a total of 57 foreign satellites for 20 countries, the Wednesday’s launch earned India 26 million euros.

TeLEOS-1 the primary satellite is the first Singapore commercial earth observation satellite. It was launched into a low Earth orbit for "remote sensing" applications. The satellites will orbit around the equator and gather data that will benefit those in the equatorial region. The satellites was put into a 550 kms circular orbit inclined at 15 degrees to the equator.

The next three satellite launches using the Indian PSLV rocket would be navigation satellites, they would be followed by some multiple satellite launches for other countries.

Comment How long is Permenant? (Score 1) 80

It seems that we hear the words 'permanently' when used to reference a digital service, everyone has had the wool pulled over their eyes. Permanently purchase Flappybird? i guarantee you you won't be able to play that in 10 years. Permanently view the video from BBC? lets say i 'buy' (license?) a copy today. Does anyone actually believe that in 2037 i'll be able to view that content, or have some sort of recourse to get either an updated version without extra money, or simply a refund since i'm no longer able to use. Its like you bought 'the product' but like Cinderella, it expired.

Submission + - Dear David Cameron... (

An anonymous reader writes: An open letter to the British prime minister: 20th century solutions won’t help 21st century surveillance. By Jonathan Zittrain.

Submission + - The day I left slashdot

Lovin1t writes: This is the exact day I give up on trying to read slashdot. There where never audio ads, the page would only refresh when I refreshed it. Now, audio ads are incessant and sometimes the page will refresh for minutes without doing anything.

Submission + - Dark matter found in Milky Way's core (

sciencehabit writes: A team of researchers that the measured speeds and calculated speeds of stars near the center of our galaxy don't agree. This suggests that there is dark matter in the Milky Way's core that is affecting the motion of these suns. The researchers hope their studies will help narrow down searches for the nature of dark matter as well as aid the understanding of galaxy formation.

, demonstrating that dark matter does indeed play a role in the inner galaxy. The researchers hope their studies will help narrow down searches for the nature of dark matter as well as aid the understanding of galaxy formation.

Submission + - Court releases DOJ memo justifying drone strike on US citizen

An anonymous reader writes: The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit on Monday released a secret 2010 Justice Department memo justifying the killing of Anwar al-Awlaki, a U.S citizen killed in a drone strike in 2011. The court released the document as part of a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit filed by The New York Times and the American Civil Liberties Union to make the document public. Then-acting Assistant Attorney General David Barron, in the partially redacted 41-page memo, outlines the justification of the drone strike in Yemen to take out al-Awlaki, an alleged operational leader of al Qaeda.

Submission + - A 2,250-Foot Tall Tower in New Mexico Will Produce Both Wind and Solar Energy

Jason Koebler writes: Wind and solar energy only provide us with power as nature allows, but solar-wind hybrid towers could soon overcome this limitation. The company Solar Wind Energy has received the necessary startup capital for the construction of a 2,250-foot-high tower in New Mexico, which would be the tallest freestanding structure in the US.
The concept is simple. A mist of water droplets is sprayed over the opening of the tower. The fog evaporates and absorbs the heat of the surrounding air. The cooled air then falls to the bottom, because it is denser than warm air, and that wind gets up to 50 miles an hour. At the base of the tower the horizontal downdraft is diverted through the wind turbines, which then generate electricity.

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