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Submission + - Sent to jail because of a software bug.

toshikodo writes: The BBC is reporting a claim that some sub-postoffice workers in the UK have been sent to jail because of a bug in the accounting software that they use. Post Office admits Horizon computer defect. I've worked on safety critical system in the past, and I am well aware of the potential for software to ruin lives (thankfully AFAIK nobody has been harmed by my software), but how many of us consider the potential for bugs in ordinary software to adversely affect those that use it?

Submission + - The Black Underbelly Of Windows 8.1 'Blue' 3

snydeq writes: Changes in Microsoft's forthcoming upgrade to Windows 8 reveal the dark underbelly of Microsoft's evolving agenda, one that finds pieces of Windows 8 inexplicably disappearing and a new feature that allows Microsoft to track your local searches cropping up, InfoWorld's Woody Leonhard reports. 'As Windows 8.1 Milestone Preview testers push and prod their way into the dark corners of Windows 8.1 "Blue," they're finding a bunch of things that go bump in the night. From new and likely unwelcome features, to nudges into the Microsoft data tracking sphere, to entire lopped-off pieces of Windows 8, it looks like Microsoft is changing Windows to further its own agenda.'

Comment Re:Cue the xenophobia (Score 1) 617

Its both... while it is true its near impossible to find top tallent... I have rejected lowball offers from CEO's who I later find quoted in articles saying they cannot find any workers.

Getting a job as a developer? Just to easy...
Getting a job someplace that has good pay, benefits, culture, and work/life balance... a PITA...

Comment Re:Because youre a bunch of cowards (Score 1) 660

Going to have to second this... I work out of NYC and here its hard to find developers competent in even the most basic OOP fundamentals. Companies are hurting for people... using that to your advantage will make a huge difference in your salary.

The ironic thing i have noticed... the people who try to lowball you the most are the ones that get pissed when you politely reject their offer.

Comment Re:In real jobs or fake ones? (Score 0) 176

My company doesn't use java sorry your wrong and we don't use C++ either.

The language we do use has interfaces so I expect a self proclaimed "expert" in the language to know what they are and how to use them.

You sound like an arrogant, egotistical, know-it-all... A perfect example of someone who will only cause friction on a development team.

Comment Re:In real jobs or fake ones? (Score 1) 176

There isn't anything wrong.

The reality is there are VERY VERY VERY few develops that fall into the highly skilled and unemployed demographic, hence my previous explanation that its either going to take a long time or going to cost quite a bit over market rate to poach someone from another position.

Comment Re:In real jobs or fake ones? (Score 1) 176

Its not buzzword bingo, at least from my perspective as a Lead Software Engineer. Most interviews I have given end when supposedly mid to senior level developer who claims to be an expert at OOP and developed serval systems fails when asked even the most basic OOP questions.

20% Fail to answer "can you explain to me what public,private,and protected variables/methods are and when would you use them?".

60% fall off when asking more "advanced" questions like whats the difference between an abstract class and an interface.

Its a joyous occasion to find anyone that can hold an intelligent conversation (or do more then just stare blankly at me) on things like design patterns, Inversion of Control, and Dependency Injection.

If someone can answer these questions (most cant), then I could care less about the Frameworks you used, or the RDBMS's you have worked with.

Comment Re:In real jobs or fake ones? (Score 5, Insightful) 176

It is extremely difficult to find highly skilled mid to senior level software engineers (here in NYC at least) unless you plan to pay over the top to seal someone away from another company. It seems to take at minimum a month to find someone, and thats if your a company with good benefits and great salary

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