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Comment Re:Who likes to be screamed at (Score 1) 791

Never encountered anyone yelling? Do you work in credit risk? That's more sedate than trading. I sure as hell have had people yell at me at every Wall Street trading desk I've worked at. Here is a small sampling of incidents:
  1. 1) at an options trading desk by a future Forbes billionaire and his blonde assistant;
  2. 2) at a trading desk at Merrill Lynch when debugging the code of an options trader who was on his honeymoon cruise on the day his options were expiring;
  3. 3) at CitiBank by a random trader who angrily demanded that I fix something to do with Word Perfect--I had nothing to do with it.

This doesn't include violent outbursts by traders on the floor. I left Wall Street. I developed tinnitus and could no longer hear the yelling.

Comment The typical HFT job interview (Score 1) 791

Occasionally I receive calls for HFT jobs from recruiters
who represent elite hedge funds. Here is the typical exchange.

You’ll be working with astronomically smart people. One
group uses crystalline cohomology to obtain the best
polynomial time approximation algorithms for
intractable problems in HFT. The engineer who did this
was an embryo prodigy who taught himself calculus
within ten to the negative sixty-seven seconds of conception.

Is that the work you have in mind for me?

No. You’ll be cleaning the group’s digital bed pans.

Perhaps you should recruit a Nobel Laureate.
Thanks for calling.

Submission + - Electronics Open Source Development Platform (

develadmin writes: "Develissimo is an electronics platform targeting open source development. It started to be fully available on the web in 2011. So you see it is fresh as ice!

The aim of the project is to provide the community of open source enthusiasts (so are we) related to electronics development with a feature rich platform, to talk, ask questions, find help, discus projects and communicate.

Develissimo itself is fully open source driven. This comes up with a bunch of advantages concerning technology aspects such as security, stability, scalability, cost effectiveness and maintenance tools to provide the community with state of the art features supporting different kinds of electronics open source projects and protect everyones privacy on highly secure Linux servers. The platform uses different open source technologies such as Linux, Ubuntu, Python/Django, Apache2, PostgreSQL, and a lot more. Some of the projects can be viewed here:
Now 2011 electronics meets open source much closer and the approximation is still going.

Check it out, your welcome!
Develissimo 2011"

Submission + - NOAA seeks comments on scientific integrity policy (

sanzibar writes: NOAA’s draft scientific integrity policy is available for public review and comment until Aug. 15, 2011. The policy incorporates the principles of scientific integrity contained in guidance from the White House, and addresses how NOAA ensures quality science in its practices and policies and promotes a culture of transparency, integrity and ethical behavior.

NOAA’s draft policy:

        Lays out formal guidance with a “Code of Conduct”
        Creates the conditions for enabling first-rate science and guarding against attempts to undermine, discredit or change it
        States the key role of science in informing policy
        Encourages scientists to publish data and findings to advance science, their careers and NOAA’s reputation for reliable science
        Encourages NOAA scientists to be leaders in the scientific community
        Provides whistle-blower protection
        Applies to all NOAA employees and provides applicable policies for contractors and grantees who conduct, supervise, assess and/or interpret scientific information for the use of NOAA, the Department of Commerce and the nation
        Includes a training component.

Submission + - Military Drone attacks are not "hostile" (

sanzibar writes: Not satisfied with the legal conclusion of the DOJ, the Obama administration finds other in-house lawyers willing to declare a bomb dropped from a drone is not "hostile".

The strange conclusion has big implications in determining the Presidents compliance with the law. If drone strikes are in fact hostile and he continues his Libyan campaign past Sunday, he may very well be breaking the law.


Submission + - Infertile Daughter To Receive Uterus From Mother (

kkleiner writes: "Led by Dr. Mats Brännström, a team of surgeons at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden are giving Sara Ottosson, now 25-years old, hope that she may one day fulfill her dream of giving birth to a baby. The uterus will come from a very special donor: Eva Ottosson, Sara’s mother. Sara’s operation will mark only the second time transplantation of a uterus has been attempted in humans, and the first time between a mother and daughter."

Comment (Score 5, Informative) 411

The Japan Earthquake thread in the nuclear engineering forum at has become a more reliable and timely source of information on the stricken reactors at Fukushima than mainstream news sources, according to commenters posting from Japan. The latest news:Japan's Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency says air may be leaking from theNo 2 and No 3 reactors at the Fukushima Daiichi power plant.Another example, as of March 30, 11 AM JST: Radioactive iodine 3,355 times legal limit found in seawater near plant. Another from March 30: IAEA Confirms Very High Levels of Radiation Far From Reactors.

April 11, 2011. The Japanese government's nuclear safety agency has decided to raise the crisis level of the Fukushima Daiichi power plant accident from 5 to 7, the worst on the international scale. Also, see this post from the physics forum. In each case, the news was available on before publication in the mainstream press.

Let's hope that the Japanese government does not suppress this essential source of information.

Comment Re:What's a good alternative? (Score 2) 764

Consider the BeBook Neo or Club readers. These will read many of the popular ebook formats.

Some libertarian-minded commenters here seem to think that Amazon is operating strictly within a "self-regulating" free market and ought to have the rights of private individuals and especially conservatives, who demand the freedom to ignore externalities. In fact Amazon actively engages in monopolistic practices and resists free markets. (I'll avoid the larger issue that Amazon depends deeply on government to ensure that markets it operates in function under controlled conditions, but resists acknowledging this and tries to avoid paying for the services it takes for granted, such as trademark, copyright, trade secret and patent protection--like many companies.)

I used to have an Amazon Kindle. They advertise low prices for electronic books. But those purchases are tied to an Amazon Kindle account, not to you. You cannot transfer a book you have read to someone else, as if it were a real book. The analogy between physical property and intellectual property breaks down. Amazon controls downstream copies of the electronic books you purchase from them. You pay $9.99 to Amazon for an ebook in the mistaken belief that you are saving money on the purchase of merchandise that purportedly behaves like physical property. In fact, that $9.99 helps Amazon stifle markets. If I sold you my Amazon Kindle with the books I purchased, and you re-registered the Kindle in your name, my books would vanish. It would be as if I sold you my bookshelf with books I purchased from Amazon, and Amazon removed the books once you claimed the bookshelf.

You could say that I agreed to whatever terms Amazon devised. Fine: not acknowledging that Amazon's monopolistic practices have nothing to do with free markets is ideology. And that is one reason why I am recommending the BeBook reader.

Submission + - US to extradite bank execs for lower interest (

An anonymous reader writes: The United States is currently involved in complex negotiations with foreign sovereign holders of United States debt to induce them to agree to lower principal and interest. The intricate multi-party negotiations have been described as the most ambitious attempt by the government so far to address the interest portion of the US Federal deficit. While the precise details of the complex deliberations are secret, the most intriguing aspect of the negotiations to have come out is the proposal to extradite, in exchange for reduced principal and interest, bank executives considered highly criminally liable for their role in the global financial crisis.

An official who spoke on condition of anonymity and who had knowledge of the negotiations praised the effort to “outsource some of the regulatory burden” to countries “whose legal regimes differ from the US.” The official stated that the extradition agreements would lead to reduced transaction costs and improved trading relations with foreign investors.

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