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Comment Re:Actually, google did (Score 1) 238

1. My charge is the underlying driver for this issue and the studies cited are chapter and verse Critical Theory a.k.a "How to overthrow the US from within".

2. I do not for one second believe the study about assertive women and find It speaks more to ones own bias than society at large. Would you not hire an assertive female real estate agent or lawyer to represent you? There is proven market demand for assertive women!


that hotbed of radical Marxism, the Wall Street Journal

Not sure if you are trying to appeal to authority here but that just shows how deep this has permeated in our society. Im not surprised. This started before the cold war and is slowly moving to critical mass. Take Ford (and his foundation) who have always been very involved in driving socialism. You thought he was a capitalist huh. Did u know he built a socialist community in South America, was a very active and vocal supporter of Hitlers socialism? His foundation continues the same work today https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2016/10/11/pers-o11.html

4. Dont take my word for it. Look around. Ever try to obtain the data set or research the funding behind these studies? You should. Try anyway. Its a labyrinth of mystery money, anonymous donors and foundations that just so happen to hail from the same school of thought. Oh and the supporting data is never available, ever. Proprietary they say. You just get the excerpts and lead lines. In other words, the message the funder wants to convey.

5. For fucks sake, read up on some history. Else, we are doomed to repeat the same shit again.

Comment Re:Actually, google did (Score 1) 238

erm.. you wanted to reinforce my charge and prove my point? Or are you ignorant of Critical Theory and Marxism mantra that Western civilization and Capitalism are evil and must be destroyed?

The workers must be convinced of their oppression to create the environment for social change that will destroy capitalism?

Attack the protestant work ethic through religious hypocrisy and the human desire for sex

No? How about history? Read any history? This same game has been played before and right now you are a little pawn in a big marketing campaign. A tool pushing Marxist bullshit and are too ignorant to even realize it.

Corporation Bad. Corporation oppress women, gays, immigrants, minorities. Corporation exploit workers. Corporation want to kill you. Give me Socialism!!!

Comment Re:Actually, google did (Score 1) 238

But let us look at the blatant bias and hypocrisy in your post such as:

simply saying it doesn't prove it

where just prior you make several unfounded statements eg:

women who are assertive are penalized

By the left's standards even Elizabeth Warren is a sexist (google her paygap) Oh the irony!
As always, Marxist logic fails to reconcile.

Its obvious that you are a victim of Critical Theory propagandists and historically, that never ends well. Entire societies destroyed by this poison but that is your goal right!?!

Comment Re:Highly Misleading Title and Summary (Score 1) 309

If you dont understand that American Universities operate as a business, you have not been paying attention.

American Universities have gorged themselves on the unwitting undergrands who buy into the fantasy they are selling. Billions of dollars in debt that cannot be discharged. Once you buy, one way or another, the money will be repaid with interest.

You can be assured there are bonuses and other benefits tied to anyone job who's job responsibility revolves around this - Just like any business out there. Hell, any professor worth their salt draws significant benefits and bonuses so its foolish to thing University Presidents don't. There are all sorts of recruitment tools with financial benefits, Paid Sabbaticals that can last for years, Interest FREE loans, University FREE housing, Paid travel with 5 star accommodations, University FREE vehicles (some even include the driver!)... it goes on and on.

University Presidents are very well paid and they should be. They are ultimately responsible for ensuring a constant stream of new suckers willing to commit financially now based on future income speculation. It takes craft and skill to never be held responsible for the massive debt kids hold today.

Comment Re:Not really (Score 2) 385

You are confused. Giving a hiring preference to ones Religion is no different than giving Veterans a hiring preference and certainly does not imply that one is not tolerant.
Sometimes I am surprised to hear about some of the speakers at Liberty. They have hosted a lot of speakers with a variety of backgrounds and beliefs and you never hear about any nonsense or disrespect. Contrast that with some of your "progressive" minded schools where conservatives are protested, interrupted and out right banned....
My observation is Liberty places more value on free speech than most so called "liberal" institutions. But perhaps you missed the content of the article. Me thinks that is what they are trying to point out.

Comment Re:Because Gazans are prisoners ------ LIES (Score 1) 312

I'd be pretty pissed off too if you tore down my home to build settlements

Aside the fact your statement is not true, l think Americans would be just as guilty (along with just about every nation that has grown over the years). Now just imagine a collective terrorist group made up of native american indians, mexican nationals and descendants of poor black sharecropper from whom you stole, who's professed purpose is to kill you... and does. Then imagine all the little twats on /. blaming you for the actions of said terrorists.
Perhaps you might start to understand the plight and difficult situation Israel exists in. Perhaps you might consider both sides to the story.

Comment Re: No. (Score 1) 352

You have no clue how this works. We have a volunteer army and to keep our forces up, we have to rely on recent high school grads. Those new recruits skip college, get paid crap and deploy to war zones. When they come back and try to enter the workforce, they are at a major disadvantage. The GI Bill was created to overcome this so you could sit safely at home and not have to worry about a draft. If you want the benefit, join the army and stop whining like a petulant little child. Its available to everyone. And then you will see, "700% return" is magic fairy dust...

Comment Re: No. (Score 1) 352

The GI bill is not free! Those who opt-in have to pay a portion of their salary into it for one and second, it was intended to offset the disadvantage vets faced when returning. It does not cover the cost of a degree at any top school.

But you would not know anything about that huh. Like most subjects you pretend to know something about, its all speculation, lies and distortions- devoid of any fact or truth....

Comment Re: Authoritarians will always rule. (Score 1) 460

It's pretty amazing how you stuff an entire array of people with a variety of opinions into one weak ass strawman that does not even come close the the truth.

The majority of those against abortion are Christian. Most Christians are anti-death penalty- as a core belief- Thou Shalt not Kill. Hence, the position on abortion. Historically, the church was the main provider of welfare, health care and education to the community and in many places, still is. Most christians tithe to the church (a.k.a. community) and volunteer for the betterment of the people so to claim they wont bat an eye is just a lie. The gov has been working to supplant that for a long time.

Now you have the old debate. Should the gov have the right to take funds a citizen intends for one purpose and apply that to another that goes against ones core beliefs? Force your children into a state run education system that is hostile to your beliefs?

Most Christians I know accept the exception and agree some abortions are necessary and needed. Few agree with the abortion mills our society has created and most are angry with their targeting of minorities.

So next time, try to be considerate of others opinions and at least understand the other side before you spout off lies and distortions to fit your political world view.

Comment Re:What I really want to know: (Score 1) 735

You are welcome and now that you understand CO and CO2 are not the same, and its Co2 (Not CO) that underpins the Global Warming Movement, we can move on to more serious matters with your position.
At this moment, contributing the damning pollutants you rile against into my atmosphere. You are the guilty party and its time for you to take responsibility and stop pointing fingers at everyone else. You are currently in denial of your own willful actions.
So why not do the proper thing and reduce your Co2 foot print to zero? If more nut jobs like you did the same thing, you could save the world!

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