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Submission + - Another StarCraft cheating scandal rocks Korea (

dotarray writes: Five years ago, the professional StarCraft community was rocked by a massive cheating scandal ( – now it looks like history is repeating, as twelve StarCraft II gamers have been arrested in South Korea over charges of match-fixing and illegal betting.

Submission + - Linus Torvalds Admits He's Been Asked to Insert NSA Backdoor (

darthcamaro writes: At the Linuxcon conference in New Orleans today, Linus Torvalds joined fellow kernel developers in answering a barrage of questions about Linux development. One question he was asked was whether a government agency had ever asked about inserting a back-door into Linux.

Torvalds responded "no" while shaking his head "yes," as the audience broke into spontaneous laughter.

Torvalds also admitted that while he as a full life outside of Linux he couldn't imagine his life without it.

While Torvalds has a full life outside Linux, it is at the core of his existence, he said. "I don't see any project coming along being more interesting to me than Linux," Torvalds said. "I couldn't imagine filling the void in my life if I didn't have Linux." /blockquote.


Submission + - Android Malware Soars 1000% in Last Three Months (

DavidGilbert99 writes: "Just under one year ago, Google's open-source programs manager Chris DiBona called anti-virus companies "scammers and charlatans" for selling mobile anti-virus software, claiming there was no problem with malware on the Android platform.#

Today, Finnish security firm F-Secure has published its latest report which shows it detected over 50,000 unique instances of Android malware in the three months to the end of September 2012.

This show an increase of over 1,000% compared to the second quarter of 2012, and highlights a growing problem for Google and its Android software.

The increase also comes about despite the introduction of Bouncer, an additional layer of security on the Google Play store, that scans new and existing apps and developer accounts for malicious activity.

The majority of the 51,477 pieces of malware detected are Russian- and Chinese-based, with most making money by dialling premium-rate numbers."


Submission + - SPAM: Christmas Tokens from Promotional Products Brisbane

StellaCBell writes: Christmas season is exciting time of the year for everyone. Corporations provide out Christmas bonuses to their staffs. It's the simplest time for them to reward staff to praise for his or her exertions and productivity with tokens from promotional product Brisbane.
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Submission + - The Best Graphics Card for Gaming-GPU background (

An anonymous reader writes: I guess it would help to know a little about what’s going on with the graphics card huh? Maybe not. If you don’t care, don’t read this because it might get a little boring even though I don’t plan on my point being any longer than what I’ve already written.
How can I break this down? ok.
Think of a computer as a magical gaming box company with its own art department. When the fat cats in the MGBC want a piece of artwork, they send a request to the art department. Saying something like,
“You there! Yes you in the funny hat lacking of animal magnetism. Render me some beautiful digitry. mmYesss”

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