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Comment For Firefox 28 (Score 1) 150

Back/Forward History Tweaks
Back/forward dropmarker
Classic Compact Options
Clear Cache Button
Cookie Controller
Direct Torrent Downloader
Disable Ctrl-Q Shortcut
Download Manager
Flash Video Downloader
Hide Tab Bar With One Tab
Image Zoom
New tab toolbar button
Open in Browser
Phrase Highlighter
Print selected text
Session Manager
Zoom Page

Comment Re:Possibly it is pay for risk (Score 1) 176

Most mid level managers are busy doing their jobs, doing routine planning and handling unending crises. Corporate value is beyond their horizon. They aren't scheming and backstabbing and whatever else your ignorant dreams see them doing. There are the rare Machiavellians and show boaters, but they don't represent the bulk of mid level management.

Comment Re:3D X Point has no transistors,10X as dense as D (Score 1) 129

DRAM requires one transistor per cell, which is one reason why it draws much more power per GB than a NAND flash drive

Isn't it fun when somebody technically ignorant tries to explain technology? DRAM draws lots of power because the charge that defines a bit leaks away, and to avoid loss of data refresh cycles are required, which means power draw. Flash leakage is more than 10 orders of magnitude lower, which means that practically speaking a flash device does not need to be refreshed.

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