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Comment Re: What complete nonsense (Score 0) 300

There is a point where raising the minimum wage continues to be beneficial; we have not reached that point

We are already at that point and well beyond. High minimum wage is one of the reasons that the unemployment rate among young black males exceeds 50%. That in turn leads to the drug trade and gang violence, and the high murder rate in cities like Chicago.

In addition to such immediately practical considerations, there's the more fundamental problem that enforcement of minimum wage is a violation of several freedoms.

Comment Re: What complete nonsense (Score 1) 300

Money is also a commodity. The amount of other things that money can be traded for depends in great part on the ratio of money to other things. There is no need to expand the currency supply provided that it is adequately divisible; however keeping the price of things stable is generally beneficial. That does make the expansion of the money supply roughly the same as population growth a good thing.

"without the monetary supply being able to expand there would be no money for poor <rude language> like you." is demonstrably false.

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