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Comment Re:Hollywood is usually awful (Score 1) 387

I'm a Keith Laumer fan, but I have trouble imagining a Bolo story as an effective film. Most good robot films have robots that are in some measure humanoid ( A Bolo is essentially an intelligent tank, even the huge Continental Siege Units, and an essential part of the stories is what the Bolo is thinking. It would require a lot of voiceover narration to reveal the Bolo's motivation or explain the plot.

I would dearly love to see the Bolo story "Final Mission" made into an effective and successful film; I just don't see how it can be done.

Comment Re:If the U.S. adopts a "dig once" policy... (Score 1) 171

I read recently that one big cause of large families is a high infant death rate. Hows that? If your first couple of kids fare well and that's the tendency where you live, you may stop at 2 and be fairly well assured that your offspring will survive to adulthood. If one child after another dies before the age of one, and that's the tendency where you live, you'll start popping out as many as you can in order to have your family continue.

Well established civilized places have a low birth rate and don't have a lot of murder committed by the native population.

Comment Re:"x% slower than it should be" ? (Score 1) 266

Assuming that there aren't other disadvantages, if there's a faster algorithm or faster implementation that achieves the same goal, the slower approach is slower than it should be. For instance, using bubble sort when you could use quicksort.

Just barely meeting your requirements leaves you vulnerable to a competitor who can do a better job.

Comment Re:Proof (Score 1) 413

Unlike simulations of, say, climate, the universe being a simulation requires that every aspect of everything be quantified and that those quantities be stored in some manner. That storage would require a great number of physical storage devices to record the status of each subatomic particle. The storage for each particle is thus much larger than the particle, and the storage for the whole universe would be larger than the universe. But by definition, the universe is everything. Thus the size of storage (which is part of everything) is larger than everything. Contradiction, a thing cannot be larger than itself nor can a part of itself be larger than the whole.

Looking at it more generally, the universe being a simulation implies that there's something outside of the universe doing the simulation. But again, the universe is everything, and speaking of something outside of everything is nonsense.

To get around these objections, it must be denied that the universe is everything. At that point, the use of language has been rejected and all attempts at logic and communication are futile.

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