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Comment Re:Society Advances? (Score 1) 227

Some things become obsolete. Religious training in public school used to be standard, it's widely ignored now. Bits and pieces of various fields have been dropped as irrelevant to modern life. In many fields teaching has become more efficient, as subjects thought to be prerequisites to "final" skills and knowledge have been found unnecessary or have been streamlined. The time saved from teaching obsolete material can be dedicated to new stuff.

Who teaches "casting out nines" these days?

Comment Re:Kindergarten ? (Score 1) 227

There are schools where they can't even afford basic supplies like paper.

That is total BS. Paper for a whole classroom costs less than 1 minute of a teacher's salary. The inefficiencies in modern schooling have roughly doubled the cost of schooling (in constant dollars) from 50 years ago. There are legions of unnecessary teachers, administrators, assistants, and counselors doing little but sucking up money. Unions promote waste and get a cut of salaries, with the sole goal of increasing their own political power.

There's no lack of money. Get rid of the waste.

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