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Journal Journal: A question answered

I had a reply to my last comment by an AC asking how I found info on accepted/rejected stories.

A bit redundant, and as the story is long gone and it would be off-topic anyway, here's how to view the queue:

  • Log in to your account
  • Click on submit story

You'll see a list of all the stories that you've submitted and their status. Of course you'll only be able to see your own stories, and you won't be able to see any if you're AC, but there you go.

A silly little JE but I've got to keep my fan happy (hello brianjcain :)


Journal Journal: My ankle hurts....

So I did something stupid, like walk across the road. Somehow I managed to roll my left foot over and stepped using that knobby thing on the outside. A nice horrible feeling as the ligament tore and I had to hop the rest of the way over before the lights changed.

Needless to say, I missed lunch that day.

Went to the doctor immediately after, more to get strapped up than anything, where he diagnosed the torn ligament and sent me to X-Ray to make sure there wasn't a fracture (there wasn't).

So now I'm going to physio every few days and I've stopped using the walking stick. My ankle is a bit sore today, but luckily I'm not allergic to Panadol or Nurofen.

Now I haven't had as many injuries in my life as some people, I've only broken one bone (my nose when I was three, so I can't remember it), so I'm not belittling injuries other people have had, but for me, this was right up there on the aw jeez fark scale. Probably equal, if not a bit more than the knee sprain I had 10 years ago.

I wish it would stop hurting...

Journal Journal: Interesting linking behaviour

I thought that this comment was interesting, not because of the content, but because of the way the links were created, apparently disabling slashdot's 'safe link' tag.

So here's some links to see if it can be replicated:

Normal link: Slashdot
Square bracket at beginning only: [Fark

Update 2003-10-02: Well that turns out to be a load of crock, it seems Slashdot randomly puts the links in or maybe there's some setting in my prefs for that which I haven't set or seen...

User Journal

Journal Journal: Yay, I got an article accepted!

It was combined with the SCO Suing end users story.

My stats are now:

rejected (10)
accepted (2)

I was a bit disappointed that it was only in the "Read more" section of another story so there wasn't as much discussion about the particular topic except for one person who correctly pointed out that Massey U is in New Zealand, not Australia, and someone else who mentioned that Weta are the guys who are doing the LOTR movies...

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