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Journal Journal: Dumb

This is stupid. Email is supposed to be quick, not take days to get routed from the domain entry to my desktop.
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Journal Journal: I don't get it

I really don't get where we're going. By "we" I mean "America", or maybe even "Western culture". Part of me sees the nearly-infinite promise of technology, and the possible end-states of humanity, a la the fictional worlds of Isaac Asimov or Iain M. Banks. The other part sees the various groups that care more about their own short-term prospects than the long-term health of humanity.

Extreme short-term thinking seems like a particularly nasty form of selfishness. Not only do people interested only in the short-term sell out other people, but they sell out themselves twenty, ten, or two years down the line.

Eh, I'm just ranting again. Nevermind me.

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Journal Journal: Spokey! 9

Replying to this was exactly what I wanted you to do - there isn't a pm option on slashdot. I think I've got this set up so only you can see get to my journal entries now. Had to subscribe for a month to do that, though... grumble grumble. At least it's only five bucks.

I can't get on lj because I forgot my password, and I'd have to log into my email address to get it reset - which I can't do, because they block all web-based email services. It's dumb.

But we should be home pretty soon, so I suppose we can continue to deal with it... They have been sending you emails to keep you up on the situation, right? Somehow in the week that we had no internet, the email portion of the server got so backlogged that it won't do anything now. And apparently nobody on board knows how to fix it, so we're stuck like this till we get home.

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