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Comment Meanwhile (Score 2, Interesting) 392

Tesla's coverage of these incidents is a smear campaign.

GM, Ford and Chrysler experienced hundreds of vehicle accidents in the same time span.

In 2014, there were 32,675 deaths by vehicle incident. Not one of those is getting the same attention as these Tesla reports. Why?

Because the media is in the pockets of Big Auto. Every day in 2014, there were almost 90 deaths in all the other car manufacturers vehicles. I'm counting only two accidents in Tesla vehicles. That's actually quite good!

"Autopilot is an assist feature that requires you to keep your hands on the steering wheel at all times," Tesla said. Advocates of the technology are stuck between praising its capabilities and its potential while also warning that it's not a substitute for being awake, alert, and watching the road.

Comment Re:Bliz (Score 1) 250

I won't go too much further into this except to beg you to reconsider your argument. It's bad for video games overall because if what you argue is upheld, then all the gaming companies will code their games without any security at all. Why should they?

I mean, they can make more money later on suing, and keep a large portion of the community happy at one point or another, while generating all kinds of free press in the process.

Because the way Bliz does security these days is not anywhere near as strong as it should be.

To follow your analogy, it was as if Bliz had the front door wide open with a giant neon sign saying, "NO SECURITY, NO DOG, VALUABLE CHEDDAR INSIDE." And then they blame the mice for dashing in and dining out on it...

No I think there is a happy medium and Bliz simply isn't living up to the requirements of a gaming company.

They don't sue people who get caught duping items in wow. Why are they really suing this company? Something else is going on.

Comment Re:Germany + DMCA = ? (Score 1) 250

I don't think Germany would enforce a court decision from a foreign power that couldn't at least meet critical thinking requirements.

Germany will, like any sane country, see that this is nothing more than Blizzard trying to shift its responsibility for cheat prevention in its own games to a third party and by this logic every kid cheating could also be sued, which nobody would think is a good idea, right? Of course California won't see it that way because Bliz is their sweetheart, but Germany should really tell USA they do not meet the required legal standards for a suit against a German company.

This is why the TPP is pretty scary though.

Comment Re:There's a contradiction there. (Score 1) 250

Blizzard still doesn't have a right to sue. They have to pony up the cash to fix the exploit holes and they don't want to pay for it but it is a cost of doing business if you're a game developer.

I wouldn't buy a Blizzard game because they are cunts. They have a cheating problem because they refuse to design better anticheat systems. Blizzard shouldn't sue they should reverse eng the cheat programs and patch. Blizzard is a garbage company. Id Software should sue them for copying Quake 3... but they won't.

And this game has plenty of bugs that appear to be like cheats, giving players huge advantages, but are simply bugs and QC inadequacies.

tl;dr: Blizzard suing to draw attention away from how bad their game is... going to learn first hand about the Barbra Streisand Effect.

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