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Comment Re:Legalize it. (Score 2) 302

Make prostitution legal and well regulated. You'll decrease the demand for sex slaves. Anyone who claims to care about sex slavery and doesn't advocate the legalization of prostitution is simply not serious.

Sex slavery is a much worse problem than what is shown in Hollywood films. It's not limited to cute 20-something girls being forced to service powerful executives in posh locations. The majority of these sex slaves are children, drugged and kept prisoners in slums and secure houses. Do you want to legalize child prostitution and child porn, too?

Submission + - Mexico finally enters transition to digital TV (

ChibiOne writes: Mexico's Transportation and Communications Secretary published today the decree by which the country finally enters the formal transition from analog to digital TV transmissions. Digital TV has had limited availability in the country, mainly relegated to large metro areas. Analog transmissions should end by 2015.

Comment Re:Why does it only kill Mexicans? (Score 1) 116

It doesn't take a doctor to explain this. Any Mexican, like myself, can tell you

The Mexican public health system sucks.
The private health system is great, but expensive, especially for a country where minimum wage is 5 USD per day. Not hour, day.
This has created a culture in which most people avoid going to the doctor unless it is absolutely necessary. For example, say, when you have been experiencing a 40 C (104 F) degree fever for two or three days. By this time, it's been said, antivirals are not as effective. The result: 19 confirmed deaths in Mexico.

Comment Re:As big as a business card eh? (Score 1) 169

I've seen a couple of automated industrial systems and applications that make use of a webserver to operate, interfacing via Ethernet with the robot/crane/etc. These, of course, need a full workstation, OS and all, in which to install the application.

A pocket webserver, with replacable code thanks to the SDcard, would be ideal to get rid of the workstation, making the system easier to mantain (no dealings with OS errors) and repair (just switch a malfunctioning "web-card" with a new one, using the same SDmemory).

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