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Comment The only one I actually care about (Score 1) 285

Edge Magazine (
A british gaming industry mag. More about the background, technicalities etc. of gaming.
I still remember they carried a monthly section (in the '90s) where readers could showcase their own 3D modelling skills. Also it had the largest section of gaming vacancies in the UK back then. Joints like RARE and EIDOS posted jobs there.. That should tell you enough about their readership :)

Submission + - Dutch ISP calls on government to mandate fair onli ( 3

Chi-RAV writes: Dutch ISP XS4ALL has started a civil initiative, in which the call upon the Dutch government to create a law, concerning digital distribution of movies and music.

We therefore ask

The House to prepare a bill regarding the use of film and music over the Internet.Under the bill rightholders of film and musical works (the movie and music industry) are to be required to make all their film and music works available on the Internet in a way that enables Internet users to see and listen to such works whenever and wherever they wish. The timing of the making available of a film or musical work shall coincide with the timing of its distribution on physical media. Convenience and quality are at least equal to the usability and quality of other forms of publication. Rightholders shall receive fair compensation for such use.

Comment Re:Steam and Electronic Arts (Score 1) 349

Enter Disney Keychest

Maybe not applicable to games/mp3/etc. just yet. But consider this:
A vendor-neutral system to manage bought and paid for digital licenses. It doesn't matter if iTunes goes belly up, because your license lives on in the keychest.
I know, I know. It's disney and all. Evil corporations shouldn't mess with this. BUT! It is a good idea, and a step in the right direction. Now if only we could get Keychest out of the hands of captain jack sparrow, erhm, I mean Disney, it would be perfect.


Bringing Up Bill 169

theodp writes "Over at the WSJ, Bill Gates Sr. describes what it took to turn an unruly 12-year-old into Microsoft's founder and the world's richest man. This included throwing a glass of cold water in the boy's face when he was having a particularly heated argument with his mother at the dinner table. 'He was nasty,' says Libby Armintrout, Bill's younger sister. 'I'm at war with my parents over who is in control,' Bill Gates recalls telling a therapist, who told his parents that their son would ultimately win the battle for independence, and their best course of action was to ease up on him. The rest, as they say, is history. The accompanying Gates Family Album is also worth a look."

What Programming Language For Linux Development? 997

k33l0r writes "Recently I've been thinking about developing (or learning to develop) for Linux. I'm an IT university student but my degree program focuses almost exclusively on Microsoft tools (Visual Studio, C#, ASP.NET, etc.) which is why I would like to expand my repertoire on my own. Personally I'm quite comfortable in a Linux environment, but have never programmed for it. Over the years I've developed a healthy fear of everything Java and I'm not too sure of what I think of Python's use of indentation to delimit blocks. The question that remains is: what language and tools should I be using?"

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