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Comment Re:Government solutions are always transient, too. (Score 4, Insightful) 424

Internet access in our society is now a need because more and more official documents are sent by mail, official information is only available through internet and job offers are more and more only on internet. Now, you say that a family who can barely buy enough food to feed them should throw 29.95 a month (~1 week of food for a poor family of 4) to be able to find jobs and communicate? Get out of your mom basement and look out what it mean to being poor. Go to your nearest association who help poor people and ask them and you will see that even a 9$ internet connection is weighting a lot in some poor family budgets.

Comment Re:Expert Systems (Score 1) 370

Expert systems work very well for well defined problems where experts can analyze their own reasoning without resorting to gut feeling.

In Go playing there was some tentative to create expert systems to reduce the size of the tree but it failed because all of the best Go players were unable to explain why they played this move more than any other move without saying that they feel it was the best move to do excepted for 'technical' move where the complete sequence could be calculated and every variation eliminated like for Tesuji and Yose. The best Go (AlphaGo) program doesn't use expert system but neural networks.

Comment Re:More probable cause to break down your door (Score 1) 187

Go study ergonomics. Go measure your biometrics. Go compute the load factors and necessary structural supports. Go design the contours and material attachments required to make something that is perfectly comfortable for you, rather than just cribbing someone else's work.

I have build my own bed. The only thing I have measured is the bedspring I was reusing from my old bed. For the rest, I have put together some plank in a way the my bed look like a japanese bed. (eg: no mine, but similar). What is its load factor? I really don't know, I just put some wood plank together. What where the structural support needed? I really don't know, I just put thing in a way that everything stuck together thank to gravity and need no nails or screws.

Then if it happens to look like a commercial design, you have a nice solid legal ground to stand on and say "I made this on my own".

My bed look like any commercial design of japanese bed for sure. If a company come after me saying I have stolen their design, I still can say "I made it on my own", but if I need to prove that I am fucked up because the only proof I have is my own saying and that will not stand before a court.

Comment Re:People are buying this stuff (Score 1) 268

I did felt for this kind of trap myself. I did bough a netatmo thermostat for my home. I though it was some kind of home thermostat with an integrated web server for use with my tablet. But actually that thing connect to the internet to the netatmo servers :-( I tried to ask on the netatmo forum for information about their politic about the EOL of their products but got no response from them. I really hate that. I am looking how I can revert my mistake (searching for any current reverse engineering project or to scrap the components and its bow (I really like the design) to make my own one)...

Comment Re:Stupid Idea (Score 1) 400

Well, say that to the Brussels politicians :) They are able to fit bus lane in 1 way streets in some place of the city :-( Brussels is the worst European city when it come to driving and the politician have that capability to make it worst without proposing better public transport :-(

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