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Comment People don't understand what goes into making..... (Score 1) 387

He basically argues that it's not fair because people don't understand what goes into making these things.

As if the fact of effort being expended ENTITLES him to monetary earnings somehow.

A lot of people don't understand what goes into building a house either.

But if the thing's drafty, you have holes in the walls you can drive a forklift through, the house is settling crooked, you have mold in various areas, using electricity in the home starts fires, BUT THE CARPETING IS TOP FUCKING NOTCH, people are going to call bullshit and not patronize your home building business or buy your latest built home.

Are you going to bitch about a review site where your former customers outline all the shit you did wrong in THEIR homes?

And Rotten Tomatoes is nothing more than a dispassionate aggregation of the general public's response to your film. It's not as if the site has it out for you.

But no. Ratner just wants a bigger payday. Because Ratner thinks that he was dealing with a bigger bunch of IP on a bigger budget. Therefore his overall renumeration should be N+1 of whatever he ACTUALLY gets.

Fuck him and the dolly rig he rode in on.

Comment "The only resolution" (Score 5, Insightful) 419

No, that's NOT the only resolution.

Anyone who's the least bit tech-savvy can use WSUSOffline to draw down all the updates.

The only issue you have there is that Microsoft's update servers are randomly peppered with corrupted manifest files which prevent fresh WSUSOffline setups from downloading anything. So you have to do multiple attempts on multiple networks (sometimes) before getting a pristine manifest.

Once you have it, it's fine from there on out.

But yeah, this is major bullshit on Microsoft's part. And Nadella and his crew need to be drawn and quartered for this.

Comment Ah, the 1:1 fallacy (Score 3, Insightful) 374

Sorry, but any job category that has an actual 1:1 male:female ratio is a statistical fluke. Period.

If women want better representation in a given field, the jobs are there. They simply need to have the qualifications to earn them.

And "has a penis" isn't among the qualifications.

Women have equality of opportunity in this country.
But that's not enough for some. They want equality of outcome. Regardless of how stupid the idea is.

In short, anyone, man, woman, any of the umpty-zillion and one self-defined whatevers, if they believe in equality of outcome over equality of opportunity, please do humanity a favor and make sure these people never breed.

The human race is already collectively stupid enough as it is...

Comment No universal client? Don't use it! (Score 1) 456


These companies keep coming out and closing down their IM services or replacing them with non-open services.
And having to run multiple different nasty, intrusive IM clients just to stay connected is straight-up BULLSHIT.

If their services aren't integrated into universal IM clients like Trillian, Adium or Pidgin, DON'T FUCKING USE THEM. Simple.
Because if you do, you're basically committing yourself to a technological ghetto scene.

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