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Comment Re:Reminds me of a crazy, hot girlfriend (Score 1) 295

The thing is, YOU were talking about economic damage, loss of land, social ramifications, etc of flat out losing a town/community from a nuclear accident.

My point is that nuclear power isn't the only way to leave people bereft of a town, and that similar problems, along with historical examples, exist with regards to fossil fuel as well.

Now I DO agree with you that Fukushima residents should probably be reimbursed for the full, pre-accident value of their homes and belongings, as well as compensation for the damage done to their lives.

Comment Re:uranium runs out (Score 1) 295

The problem with breeders and thorium reactors is that they are unproven on commercial scale. Every time anyone has attempted them, there have been many serious and expensive problems.

The main expense is trying to actually get anyone from the government to actually talk with you about them in the first place. Because the current political climate runs something like this:

NRCGuy: Hi! What can I do for you!
You: Hi! I'd like to talk about building a small-scale Thorium reactor for research purposes.
NRCGuy: *Holds hand out, expecting money*
*After you pay the fee.*
NRCGuy: Okay! Thanks! Your time is up! *Holds hand out, expecting more money.*

Comment Re:Reminds me of a crazy, hot girlfriend (Score 1) 295

You DO understand that how long something is radioactive for is inversely proportional to how radioactive it is.

Stuff that's really, seriously virulently radioactive? The stuff is really REALLY "hot" and decays down quickly.

The stuff that takes tens or hundreds of thousands of years to cook down? You could bask in it pretty much every day and your yearly exposure levels would barely blip up.

Part of the reason many of these wastes are in storage is they're CHEMICALLY reactive or are dangerous as a biological contaminant. (You can actually hold a chunk of plutonium. But if you start accumulating it in your body, you have a problem.)

Comment Re:Reminds me of a crazy, hot girlfriend (Score 1) 295

Kinda like the mine fire in Centralia, PA right?

A mine fire that's been burning roughly 53 years and could burn at least another 250.

Meanwhile, the byproducts of that fire are going up into the atmosphere with zero filtration.

Town was evacuated and claimed via Eminent Domain. Nobody's going back there any time in the foreseeable future.

So stop pretending that this is a problem unique to nuclear power.

Comment Re:Who cares? (Score 2) 295

Sure. And it's being stored away in casks, rather than being reprocessed.because of silly laws by people who think that somebody's going to make bombs out of it.
Also, it's being stored away in casks, rather than being used in reactor types that could cook it down into a form of waste that's far less long-lived.
Also, it's being stored away in casks, rather than the byproducts being dumped into the environment at large the way fossil fuel power production does.

So how cheap would fossil fuel-based power be if you had to treat the waste the way you do nuclear waste?

Comment What they need to do (Score 5, Interesting) 224

1: Put off branding until their have their actual products well defined.
2: Stop shoving their nose so far up Google's nether-sphicter. They want their OWN products, not Google also-rans.
3: Dump the fucking SJW culture. It's toxic and it's negatively impacting your products by making your development every bit as psychotic and MPD as it is.
4: Hire someone who ACTUALLY knows something about branding. Whoever's fourth cousin came up with the shit you have there needs to never be allowed near anything even RESEMBLING product branding ever again...

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