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Comment Re:How does this work? (Score 2) 367

With my car, once it's been locked with the button on the key fob, after a certain amount of time, it deadlocks the doors - they can not be opened from the inside or outside without being unlocked. The unlock button on the driver's door will no longer function either after the car has been locked from the fob.

This means I could, if I wanted to, lock the car with the windows partially down and after a minute or so the car would be deadlocked - even if someone reached in to open the door, they would be unable to.

Comment Apple are doing what they have done every year... (Score 2) 142

Apple are doing what they have done every single year - retiring old models from their supported lineup. Film at 11.

Every year, a range of Macs pass through the range of support status from "Supported" to "Vintage" to "Obsolete"

Vintage products are those that have not been manufactured for more than 5 and less than 7 years ago. Apple has generally discontinued hardware service for vintage products in most regions other than the state of California and Turkey.
Obsolete products are those that were discontinued more than 7 years ago. Apple has discontinued all hardware service for obsolete products with no exceptions. Service providers cannot order parts for obsolete products through Apple.

Comment Outsider Elected by Insider System (Score -1) 2837

I "like" the way that the person who is arguably the most "politically outside" candidate in many years was Elected by what is arguably one of the most "politically inside" of systems, the "Electoral College" in the "Free" World, in Direct Derogation of the so-called "Popular Vote" , (or as it is known in most other electoral systems, "the Vote", which Hillary won.


Comment Re:Not putting a spin on things (Score 1) 69

Consider tidal locking in a system with an M-dwarf star, a "hot Jupiter" and our Planet of Interest (PoI). If in orbit around either the hot Jupiter or the star, the PoI might become locked. But with the three in relatively close interaction, the PoI could be disturbed between locking to one, or the other, or alternating, or spinning irregularly. Feel free to use a planet with an irregular - literally chaotic, even - rotation in an SF scenario of your choice.

So that explains the irregular seasons in the Game of Thrones universe... Winter is coming.

Comment Re:Microsoft did mobile wrong (Score -1) 114

They'd have been happy for Apple to continue on using Google's applications - but Apple got pissed off and tried to 'hurt' Google by removing their apps from iOS.


Google refused to license Apple to use Google's Mapping APIs to create Turn-by-Turn GPS Navigation for iOS. In fact, their licensing agreement specifically precluded using their services for Turn-by-Turn Navigation.

After Goigle refused, for ANY price, to grant Apple an exception to that rule, THEN Apple removed Google's data mining APIs from the App Store and iOS builds, and began in earnest to develop their own mapping service, which they struggled to do (it is not a simple task to map the entire planet to the every-street-and--alley level in a few short months). But they eventually got it mostly right (even Google has some persistent errors in its data), and now revisionist history by the Apple Haters has laid the responsibility for all this at Apple's feet, when it was Google that was simply trying to hobble iOS by making it unnecessarily difficult and enormously expensive to implement that feature, rather than simply negotiating with Apple in good faith to come to a reasonable licensing deal for use of their mapping API.

Comment Re:Utter bollocks (Score -1) 171

Stock pumping, I imagine. There's no fucking way Apple makes that much money on iPhones, even with a double-digit margin.

Sorry to burst your hatred; but Unlike EVERYONE else, Apple actually reports ONLY on phones SOLD AT RETAIL. They do NOT pull that stock-pumping bullshit like Microsoft, Samsung, and others have done, and continue to do, to inflate sales figures.

Comment Re: Utter bollocks (Score -1) 171

13%? Wow! That's totally an impressive and not tiny at all number!

My argument is shattered before apples dominant 13% market share!

I noticed you conveniently ignored the figure about the iPhone having 40% of the US market.

And you know why the worldwide figure isn't larger? Because Apple doesn't flood the market with a zillion shitbox unsecure plastic phone zits, that are not only unprofitable, but serve primarily as loss-leaders for carriers and data mining minions for Google.

The Android market share would look vastly smaller if you factored-out all the FREE Android plastic shitbox phones running unsecure versions of Android that will never be patched.

Comment Re: Phill Schill (Score -1) 675

Call it a hunch, but I don't think his problem is that they're hard to find. I think it's that they're even necessary. I can't argue with that bit of indignation.

Maybe today; but considering that people tend to keep their Macs 5 years or more, do you think that will be the case in a year or so, or do you think those USB-C ports will start to look pretty mainstream by then?

Comment Re:Fragmenttion makes this Fiction (Score -1) 173

The only way to really change this is for Google to make sure that the underlying OS is provided by them, updated from their servers and the device manufacturer only gets to mess around with the GUI. If the manufacturer wants to make changes to the underlying system Google has to make them sign agreements obligating them to implement a certain protocol guaranteeing QA and that they will push regular updates over the lifespan of the device. Unless they do something like that the reputation of Android will always be ruined by sloppy device makers who drop the ball on security.

I've been saying this for over three years now on /., and every single time Imam shouted down by clueless Fandroids that claim that, since Android is Open Source, or this or that excuse, that Google has no control, and mire importantly, cannot gain control, over this exact part of their License for Android.

Let's see if you fare any better in your attempt to advance the same proposal. I finally gave up on that argument.

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