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Comment Re:So? (Score 1) 133

You're totally right. From what I hear products like Alexa are pretty impressive, and as everything becomes more connected- hopefully with fewer problems than we're dealing with now- and more functions are offloaded to AI assistants there'll definitely less reason to have a phone on hand. I don't think Apple's oblivious to that either. Apple's positioning Siri more forwardly and the Watch has room to grow. One Alexa on your wrist (or in your ear or on your glasses or hell let's wear Star Trek communicators) is better than several scattered around your home.

But Apple has a big advantage ther with HomeKit. It is already pretty well-established, and has many advantages over other IoT implementations. Security being the biggest one.

It will be interesting to see whether Apple continues to position the Apple TV as their HomeKit Hub, or whether they actually have a more advanced Home Server product in the works. But either way, it will rely heavily on the convergence of Siri and HomeKit technologies, IMHO.

Comment Re:So? (Score 1) 133

Apple's Q4 has been the weakest or second weakest quarter since 2012. New iPhones are released only during the final month of the quarter and are supply-constrained, limiting the revenue that can be pulled from there. Cook said that Q1 2017 (Oct-Dec 2016 for reasons only known to accountants) will see a return to profitability, and Apple has consistently been spot-on with their numbers. Q1 has consistently been Apple's biggest since the iPhone eclipsed the Mac in revenue.

Now, if Apple undershoots its targets for Q1 (entirely possible), then I'd start watching for sweating Apple execs.

Um, I don't think there will be any sweating at 1 Infinite Loop.

Comment Re:Apple III, Lisa, original Mac, NeXTcube all fai (Score 1) 133

The original Mac under Jobs' tenure was an utter failure. Lots of press, disappointing sales. Many years after the Mac's introduction the Apple II was still paying the bills at Apple, carrying the Mac project. Jobs' Apple III (note 3 not 2) was a failure. Job's NeXTcube was a failure.

And of course the Lisa too.

The Lisa was a spectacular machine. Best monochrome monitor in history. A very well designed business-oriented computer. Just too damned expensive, and too far ahead of its time.

Comment Re:to bad the new mac pro missed the mark and they (Score 1) 133

to bad the new mac pro missed the mark and they sat on it. They may of had planes to move faster on it but likely hit to the oh shit we F* up and we need to re plan it wall.

Really, the only real "fuckup" with the Mac Pro was in assuming that TB would catch in faster than it has. If there were a slew of reasonably-priced TB peripherals and TB card cages, people wouldn't be as inclined to diss it so much, and Apple likely would have poured a little more love into it.

Comment Re:It's the only reason (Score 1) 103

Do you use the iMessage features? Do you use the emojis? Do you do the meme thing? Do you insert sounds and music? Do you and your friends and coworkers sit in a circle learning new iPhone tricks that look really cool? Do you do the group thing? Or do you send an occasional text and maybe when you're playing it dangerous, a picture? Are you assessing how children and teenagers use a technology based on how a adult uses it? I'm not about to say "iPhone is the only way and they can't change". But, it has absolutely nothing to do with what I have to say. I'm a 41 year old man with thinning hair. I have to remember to trim my nose hair and ear hair which I often forget to do. What matters is what the cool people say... and let's be honest, you're here commenting on Slashdot... you're definitely excluded from that category. If the cool people use iPhone, then the kids use iPhone. The question is... which cool people do your kids want to copy?

You're right, and I get your point.

I am a 60 year old that tries to "keep up"; but certainly is much more likely to send all-text Texts than to have an entire Text composed only of Emojis. Although it has been known to happen occasionally. I'm not dead yet, LOL!

Comment Re:It's the only reason (Score 1) 103

The biggest difference is that the iMessage-to-iMessage conversations consist of Blue bubbles

And are free (microscopic data usage charges notwithstanding), and you can play games through them, and send all manner of pointless images, animations, drawings and make the bubbles bounce up and down. Et-Effing-Cetera. AND:

The youngsters all use various types of vendor locked in technologies.

Is basically true.

Well, with the release of iOS 10, I must admit that there is getting to be more of a difference between what you can do with iMessage to iMessage "texts" vs. what is possible with plain ol' SMS/MMS. But I'm not sure that mist, if not all, of those "tricks" are still happening within the standard protocol, with just clever stuff happening at the "iMessage Editor" App-level.

Comment Re:Ah, minimialism (Score 1) 433

Mac users probably don't use the Escape key too much, let alone the function keys.

THIS Mac user uses the Esc key all the time to dismiss OS X/macOS Dialogs.

Which may be why there's something labeled "Cancel" at the left edge of the touch bar in one of the images from TFA.

(And THIS Mac user uses the Esc key all the time to start commands in microEmacs in Terminal, but I digress....)

Good catch! I didn't see that; but I'll bet that generates an "ESC" key code.

Comment Re:It's the only reason (Score 1) 103

The biggest difference is that the iMessage-to-iMessage conversations consist of Blue bubbles, and the regular SMS conversations have Green bubbles.

Those Blue bubbles don't show up on the phone bill :-)

Good point. But with unlimited Texts like I have (didn't specifically seek it out; it as just a nice feature), the Green bubbles don't cost me any more than the Blue ones.

Comment Re:3rd party drivers (Score 1) 519

Do you know what a typical Office environment is, what typical hardware is? Its more likely to be a small business that is getting a PC from a second tier supplier that is using second tier less expensive parts, a business without an IT department that does careful evaluations and selections.

Actually, That describes my work environment to a "T".

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