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Journal Journal: zogger

I abandoned Slashdot for a couple months (I do have a job, you know) and came back to find an incomplete conversation in a closed topic. I can't let that go, so I'm gonna post it here.

oh well, I tried to be reasonable. And I don't think it's because you don't get it, you obviously do, you just have this idea that someone elses viewpoint and choice makes them an asshole, because it's not your choice. Pretty broadbrush viewpoint you have there.

If you can't see what's wrong with that,that negatively labelling someone else who isn't in lock step agreement with you, guess I feel sorry for you then, but only partially, because it's the restricted freedoms fascistic path you choose to follow. And fascism has always started with demonization, every instance I am aware of in history.

Have a nice life, pig.

Alright, so besides the obvious, "in trying to paint me as a demonizer, you only succeeded in demonizing me" comeback, what else have I got?

This: 99% of SUV drivers are assholes.

Not because they drive SUV's, which would be stereotyping and wrong and whatnot, but because of their reasons for driving an SUV. Which typically involve wanting to pollute the environment so that their children will die of lung disease ("the little brats never loved me anyway!").

No, seriously, the typical SUV motivations appear to be:

Having a better vehicle than the neighbours.
This automatically makes them assholes, for being so unforgivably lame. Come on.
Having enough leg-room
for anyone under 7', this makes you an asshole. You fit in a regular car, just like I do. Get your lazy butt down here. And if you're too fat to fit in a regular car, that's God's way of telling you to walk more. You're really killing yourself if you're carrying an extra hundred pounds, I don't hate you enough to wish you dead.
Going off-roading (once a year).
An asshole at math, at least. The extra $1000-per-year in gas that you buy would rent you a very nice SUV for a week, and the extra $3000 in car payments from getting a real car could go to your kids college fund. Oh yes, I forgot, you hate them.

And my final point is this: Not all SUV owners are assholes.

I have a friend with a suzuki, gets pretty good mileage and doesn't need chains in the snow, because it has snow tires and 4x4. This matters to him on a fairly regular basis. He's not an asshole.

But he's not typical of SUV owners either. He's just the exception that proves the rule.

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