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Comment Re:Giant ice cubes (Score 1) 412

Solar panels do work on cloudy days, just not as well. Also you can say CO2 is good for plants, as that is correct, but to use that fact to try to show how global warming is not bad just shows you don't understand this at all. The amount of CO2 which benefits plants depends on the species. The most important plant species for humans are our crops. These have been engineered over the course of human existence to yield the optimum nutritional value for our current CO2 levels - adding more CO2 will increase crop yield by weight, but decrease the crop's nutritional value. The extra CO2 also brings with it increased temperatures, bringing different pests to the crops, and slowly moving arable farmland towards the poles (and it crosses borders like they weren't there), where infrastructure, experience, and communities might not exist to make use of it. This is just scratching the surface of the complicated relationship between plants and CO2, something you are either entirely unaware of or dishonest enough to ignore.

Comment Re:Not a good idea (Score 1) 111

It is more about spotting people of interest acting in very interesting ways. Yes, they know who the terror suspects are (hence them being terror suspects), but they need to be able to build up cases to charge these people. Collection of evidence is a large step in this direction. Don't be so quick to dismiss evidence and substitute your own explanation - it only serves to show us how little you value truth in your arguments.

Comment Re:Gets popcorn (Score 1) 270

It's actually working rather well for us in Europe. Our declining birth-rates means we need an influx of young workers to shore up the inevitable pension deficit facing us in the future. If you think the 0.000001% of refugees who are causing problems somehow make it a bad idea, then you might want to brush up on your statistics, and also question whether it is right to tar millions for the actions of a few. We demand more from our legal systems and from human rights, but apparently some people (and I apologise if you are not one of them) seem to be willing to throw out improving our future and helping millions save themselves and their families for the simple feeling of being more secure, even though their security won't be increased one iota. It's the irrational cowards who have a problem with immigration, not rational people.

But yes, temperature itself is not the largest immediate issue, but its side-effects can indeed create pressing matters.

Comment Re: Was this before or after adjustments? (Score 2) 270

One causes higher storm surges in the world's most valuable real-estate upon which the financial capitals of the world are built and are an absolute necessity for our civilisation to continue, and the other pisses off cartographers. Trying to equate the two shows either a complete lack of understanding of the subject, or an intellectual dishonesty worthy of nothing but scorn. Pick one.

Comment Re: Was this before or after adjustments? (Score 4, Insightful) 270

Aaah the old "massive global conspiracy involving every single accredited academic institution in the world, which also ignores the massive awards awaiting anyone who could expose it" excuse for ignoring science. You seriously don't seem to understand the amount of awards, prestige and funding awaiting anyone who can overturn these findings. Nobel prizes, you name it. That all is waiting for the first to be able to do so. No one has as it's like asking people to prove cows are jellyfish.

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