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Comment COBOL programmers aren't all old (Score 1) 371

There's a COBOL shop in my small town that contracts for corporations and the government. I know several COBOL specialists in their 30s. It's actually an extremely lucrative field to get into these days, with good pay and job security.

Rewriting all that COBOL code in some other language would be bound to cause major problems.

Comment Re:Project lacks focus. (Score 1) 191

The same MS which just released a massive update to its linux subsystem in Windows, incorporating all sorts of improvements, in order to appeal to the self same power users you mention?

I get that you don't like MS. I really do. There is a lot to criticise them for without resorting to making stuff up.

Comment Re: Nobody (Score 2) 236

Hardware acceleration is definitely up to the browser, and that has a huge impact on battery life and video performance. On my shitty AMD APU machine, Chrome chokes when playing video in the browser. For some reason Edge plays them with full hardware acceleration, removing the tearing and stuttering present in Chrome - with the same video. It's not as simple as you seem to assume it is...

Comment Re:Death Knell for Britain Clear (Score 1) 667

The EU is democratic, so your entire argument is nonsense. For someone who complains about the EU so much you seem to really not understand it. I'd probably have voted to leave too if I also assumed this dystopian view of the EU was true. As it is, a cursory glance over the EU's functioning shows you've been mislead.

Hell, the EU is arguably more democratic than the UK as Westminster uses FPTP as opposed to a more sane system. That's why UKIP had better representation in the EU than in Westminster - how can that be if the EU is not democratic?

Comment Re:Tradeoffs (Score 1) 667

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the sort of nebulous, incorrect argument that convinced many people to vote leave. It is factually incorrect from top to bottom, and relies on bottomless optimism for any positive outcomes. Oh, and complains about the Germans for doing what Britain could have but refused to. Top marks.

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