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Comment Re:wars destroy wealth (Score 4, Insightful) 476

A poor person gets stuck with a public defender, a rich person gets an amazing lawyer. That means an innocent person without money is more likely to go to prison than an innocent rich person. Or do you seriously think OJ would have gotten off if he was poor and Johnnie Cochran and his team were replaced with a court-appointed public defender? Because if you don't think that's the case, you agree with the person you condemned and owe them an apology.

Comment Re:Theory too (Score 1) 476

Common sense is frequently not reasonable and rational, just like your meandering post. Hint: When you are condemning something, condemn that one thing - don't start off vaguely criticising it and then wander off and attack the next scary thing that pops in your head. That makes you look unfocused, and your argument pallid.

Comment Re:Equality of Opportunity, not of Results (Score 2) 476

If you are prosperous, the government won't tax you down to the level of a welfare recipient, and conversely if you are a welfare recipient the government won't subsidise you to the level of a prosperous entrepreneur. Your explanation is so black and white it's lost all value, as reality lies somewhere in between, which your argument ignores entirely.

Comment Re:EU Governments need to ban Windows 10. (Score 2) 161

Thanks to the more sane forms of democracy in Europe those countries are very likely to not be taken over by right-wing lunatics. The German ministry of the interior stated that crimes haven't spiked, and that refugees behave (on average) as lawfully as Germans. The claims about Sweden are just that - claims, and not backed up by official statistics. The refugees are a net positive to the economy, as they work and pay taxes. Hell, even if every single refugee in Germany didn't pay taxes, they would still pay for themselves as subsequent generations will pay taxes. So even in the worst case scenario it won't spell the end of Germany, or even put an unworkable amount of pressure on it.

Please stop parroting these debunked claims - it's only making you look scared and uninformed.

Comment Re:Instead of spending tax money (Score 1) 115

Because measures like this save money. It costs money to scrape them off the road and treat them. It costs money when traffic is snared up because of a collision. It also costs when public transport is delayed because of someone getting mashed on the road. Sure, it denies the Dutch the chance to gloat at someone being hurt, but it's safer and cheaper for everyone.

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