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Verbiage: Robin Hood Hero or Criminal? Liberal/Conservative

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  • I think both liberals and conservatives would consider him a criminal. The difference would be in the way this criminal should be dealt with: a conservative (say, the Sheriff of Nottingham) would almost certainly order poor Robin to be hanged, whereas a liberal (like the Queen) would grant him an amnesty at the very last minute, hoping that he'd change his manners.
  • Robin Hood was an opponent of the tyrannical government's confiscatory taxes. He fought for tax rebates. As Bush says, "It's the people's money." As a conservative, I believe in respecting the rule of law. However, when the government ransacks your property and leaves you in poverty, extreme action is justified. (Disclaimer: I am not implying that we have come to this point in America.)
    • >He fought for tax rebates.

      Good point. Had me there for a moment. :)

      He didn't take from the government, he took from the rich. Which means, he forcefully taxed the rich to help the poor.

      That's a Democrat.
      • He took from the rich oligarchy, not rich citizens. It's not as much about rich vs. poor as it is about government vs. citizens. Robin Hood stood for the people against a corrupt government.
  • He's both, you see.

    "Criminal" is a legal definition, and a strict one.

    "Hero" is a moral/emotiona judgement, and a subjective one.

    Me, I know I'll do it like he did if it ever comes time to do so. Probably not as well, though.
  • Surely King John had better ways to spend that money than some ignorant peasants?
  • Well... I think that pretty much all Americans (liberal or conservative) are proud of the folks who participated in the Boston Tea Party, calling them heroes. In that particular case, the heroes stole from the rich to protest high taxes. Sounds a lot like Robin Hood to me - the poor serfs were being taxed into destitution by the oligarchical ruling class so Robin Hood took the money money back and moreso, claiming it to be a crime to tax people into starvation. I agree with Robin Hood.

    I suppose one dist

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