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Journal Chacham's Journal: Verbiage: Mold growing in apartment and related ramblings 3

Names for all types of "fears". Gives it official sanction. (yeah, right) Well then, saprophytophobia and mycophobia. For the first, this page seems to explain my feelings well.(I mentioned a similar thing here).

Right now there is what looks likes a red mold in a spot on the floor in the bedroom of my apartment near the washroom. I had a maintenance guy look at it a couple(?) weeks ago, and he scraped it off, and didn't know what it was. Well, it's back. Not only that, i think there's a mushroom growing from it.

I notices the return of the mold earlier (yesterday), though i do not remember the mushroom. Could it have grown it a few hours? Well, i think it's a mushroom. As ridiculous as it sounds, i'm strongly resistant to checking, or even walking near that area.

The mold is in a place where the floor and wall meet. The floor is carpeted. I don't think that area is anymore wet than anywhere else. And, i never drop food there. At least, it's very likely i don't carry food in that spot. Perhaps it's opposite the shower in the other washroom. Maybe that's where the moisture comes from.

Anyway, i'm having a hard time sleeping. For one, i slept yesterday afternoon. Though, i needed that sleep. The other reason is when i close my eyes i keep thinking of giant mushrooms. It doesn't do anything, it just exists. The fear itself is irrational. But, the more i think of it (in order to rationalize to then kill it) the more i think of other scenarios (i.e. mushrooms on the floor, mushrooms on me or my blanket, etc...) so, it's not something i think i can get over right now.

Well, in the morning, it's back to the office and have them take care of this.

And just as i was becoming more tolerant of bugs in the apartment. (Well, single bugs, and only when they are in another area, and i think they are leaving.)


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Verbiage: Mold growing in apartment and related ramblings

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  • Mushrooms in your apartment? Maybe its time to find another apartment. I don't suffer from any phobias pertaining to mushrooms, but there is definitely something wrong if they are growing in the apartment.
  • by daoine ( 123140 ) *
    Dude, I consider myself to be a relatively sane person, but that would creep me out. Visible fungus in your apartment is not a good thing.

    Have you checked out your renters' rights? It varies wildly by where you live, but you probably have a good complaint on your hands (which could mean anything from reduced rent to having your landlord put you up in a hotel while they fix the problem)

    • They just took a look at it, and didn't know what it was. "central" is coming to have a look. So *something* is happening.

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