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Journal Chacham's Journal: Chronicle: Project canceled, looking for new job (5) 5

Well, i had the testing yesterday. It was just three aptitude tests, all times.

The first was simple and i finished it in time to start a review. I think it was a half-hour, and she said it averaged to 45 seconds per question. Things like:

Men are ___ shorter than their wives.

(A) Always (B) Usually (C) Never (D) Rarely (E) Much

There were syllogisms, adages, word games, the obvious, and the not so obvious, and the hilarious.

The second test was a multiple choice "finish the sequence" in two parts, the first being letters, such as

a b d e g h


a b z e f y i j x

the second being graphical. Dark ball in lower-left of square, then upper left, then upper right, then lower right, the answer being the next would be lower-left again.

The first part was easy, though when i got up to question 8, i realized i skipped one and had to go back. I finished most of them, in the 12.5 minutes provided. The second was much harder for me. I find most graphical pattern arbitrary. So, i did the obvious ones and skipped the harder ones.

The third test was story problems.

Originally, i skipped three of them because i would have had to think about them. When i finished, i went back. I took a guess on one using approximate mathematics, and i got stuck on the next. It was something like:

Company A sells heavy-duty tape for $34 and light-duty tape for $28. They reduced the prices to $32 and $27. Company B has spent $1440 from them in the past, every month, with 3/4 of their purchase being heavy duty. If that continues, how much will they save with the new prices?

I wasn't sure how to approach the problem. And with the clock ticking, i just didn't think straight. Oh well.

She intimated that i did well and i would be coming ion for the next step of the interview process. The next step in an in-depth interview with her and possibly one or two other people from HR. The fourth step is with the hiring manager, and possibly team members. After that, they extend an offer.

She said she'd get back to me this week, but did not know if step 3 would be this week. As she is taking off next week, the process is not likely to complete before the week after next.

I had shown up about five minutes late to the meeting. I miscalculated time needed to get to the meeting, with I-75 and Troy being so busy. They're almost directly off I-75, but it still take a few minutes.

They're in an office building taking up the fifth and sixth floors. Not knowing where i was going, i ended up on the fifth floor, realized it was their education center, and made my way to the secretary on the sixth. I explained that to her on the way out.

All in all, things are moving comfortably. I have to file for unemployment today, i might go out of town next week, and enjoy the happy summer days.

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Chronicle: Project canceled, looking for new job (5)

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  • 34x=1440*.75=1080 (Hey, wait a second, this can't be the actual problem, that's a fractional heavy duty roll of tape).

  • You basically need to use the proportion given to find out how many rolls they buy of each type, then price them at the new prices.

    Find out how much they spent on heavy tape: $1440 * 0.75 = $1080

    Convert to number of rolls using price per roll: $1080 / $34 =~ 31.7647

    Light rolls: ($1440 * 0.25 / $28) =~ 12.8571

    New prices: (31.7647 * $32) + (12.8571 * $27) is about $1363.61, giving them a savings of $76.39 per month.

    • by Chacham ( 981 )


      I realized the first part of that before my time was up. Thanx for the confirmation. :)

      I want to excuse myself (as if i actually need to) by saying that different types of puzzles require a mode of thought. I think that is half of it.

      Regardless, it was refreshing to have this during the process.

      • by saying that different types of puzzles require a mode of thought.

        That's true. And I'm with you on the visual pattern type puzzles. Those usually look like noise to me, too.

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