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Journal Chacham's Journal: Verbiage: Thinking about buying a Dell. 16

I can't believe i'm actually think of this, that is, of buying a pre-built computer, with an Intel processor, running Windows XP, just so WoW will run better (well, and other games or video too).

Dell is runing Ten Days of Specials, with some decent discounts. Sunday is supposed to be gaming systems ("XPS"). The discounts are close to half off or more.

My employer's purchaser (the place where i work, not my actual employer) has the up to 12% off with Dell right now. If the cost is under $800 it's 2%, between $800 and $1600 it's 4%, and above $1600 is 6%. If a three- or four-year plan is purchased the percentage doubles. It specifically says it is on top of other specials. And, they are running another special for a limited time, of a further 5% off. With the service plan for three years priced at about about $200, and tax being between $50 and $100, the total of 17% off should take care of that, plus a little more.

Well, it's just been going through my mind. Dell does do a good job, and it's about time i got a flat screen with a wireless mouse and keyboard.

Hmm... that's the rationalization anyway.

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Verbiage: Thinking about buying a Dell.

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  • $2200 got me a AMD 64 x2 4800+, 2 GB of RAM, 2 Geforce 6600's in SLI, a 200 GB HD w/ 16 MB Cache, and a Soundblaster X-Fi Fatal1ty.

    My rig blows the doors off of anything Dell is offering these days.

    Similar rig from Alienware is close to 5 grand...

    • I agree with this assesment. Even if you get reasonable discounts, the price : performance on Dell vs. Self-built is going to be poor. I recently built a gaming rig for $1400 w/ shipping and anything even close to comparable from Dell is about $2000 (although, my system didn't include a crappy $100 monitor...).

      More importantly, when you buy from Dell, you risk getting lower quality generic components. A lot of the price in my rig is in the form of core pieces of equipment. Specifically, the case, power supp
      • When i built my computers a few years ago, i found Dell to be some hundreds of dollars more. Though, last i checked (when i recognized the prices) i found that Dell had lowered the priced, where i guessed they were about $200 more expensive on say a $1500 system.

        If Dell's system for $2000 was half off, would it still be a problem?

        Also, they give a flat screen now. You think it's that bad?
      • I went to Dell's page [dell.com] today for the specials and found an XPS system listed for $2939 without specials.

        Regardless of brand names, i am curious how the home built compares price-wise. Using priucewatch and some guessing, i'd think the home build would be over $2000. If they discounted that to under $2000, it would be something to look at.

        Would you be able to do a quickie comparison pricewise, for a basic idea?

        Hmm.. i need to read more about video cards now. If i do home build my next one, i'll need to get ba
        • Well, I just went through and started with an XPS 600, and the system comparable to mine came to about $2000 before S&H and discounts.

          If you can get one of those XPS 600 systems with a 50% discount, that would be an excellent deal, and I'd say you'd be hard pressed to beat it even with home building. The only concern I'd really have would be in the PSU, mobo, and Case, since they're likely generic.

          Still, if you only play WoW and nothing much more taxing, I doubt you'd have a problem...
    • You're probably right, but i'm a bit out of the loop. Maybe i'll post what they have on Sunday and we'll see what the comparable home built system is.
  • Now you've got ME thinking about it, too ... I really need a new box, but I don't have the time or money to hunt down components and build it.

    I wonder if IBM has a Dell discount ... :)
    • Yeah, same here. Well, i haven't the want, or thw knowledge just now.

      I'll bet IBM has some deal with 'em. :)
      • Hmm. I checked our employee discount page thingie and it appears we still have one with Apple, but nothing Dell. Bah.

        Maybe I'll get an Intel Mac to play with.
        • OS X is *really* nice. Standard Un*x, Apple interface. Could there be any better combination?
          • Why on earth would I use OS X? I'd get an Intel Mac, there are much better options. ;)
            • Why on earth would I use OS X?

              Try it before you knock it.

              It's basically BSD with the Apple UI. You can run X simultaneously if you'd like.

              The one thing about Linux that i dislike the most, is a decent UI. X is intensive but looks very clunky, and acts that way too. So, i prefer the command line where graphics aren't important. The Apple UI, however, is done very well. And that the screen is actually PDF format, makes it very interesting (even if not useful :P).
              • Yeah, I've messed with it some, and it's not bad. It's just so ... bouncy and shiny. I turned everything like that off in Windows. Could I do so in OS X? Just have a simple, effective UI, not one that bounces at me like a Jack Russel Terrier, to paraphrase a semi-famous video? :)

                I know OS X would be fine for most uses, but being a serious gamer the only time I would even consider using it or Linux would be a dual-boot situation.
                • I have not really used it myself, so i don't know. I do know someone who has it on his laptop. It's definitely worth checking out.

                  but being a serious gamer the only time I would even consider using it or Linux would be a dual-boot situation.

                  Ok, ok, my problem too. :)
      • I ended up resisting buying a new gaming system, since I really don't need it right now.

        By resisting, of course, I mean forcing myself to leave the house until the deals were over after customizing one and putting it in my shopping cart.

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