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Comment Re:Only $9B valuation... (Score 0) 100

I think the source is certainly from the Bible, namely from the Psalms. Certainly an English poet would turn the phrase at the end into something more elegant:

[Psalms 48:7f] They that trust in their own strength, and glory in the multitude of their riches, [8] No brother can redeem, nor shall man redeem: he shall not give to God his ransom, [9] Nor the price of the redemption of his soul: and shall labour for ever, [10] And shall still live unto the end.

[Psalms 48:11] He shall not see destruction, when he shall see the wise dying: the senseless and the fool shall perish together: And they shall leave their riches to strangers:

Comment Re:Year of Linux on the Desktop (tm) (Score 1) 95

No, actually systemd uses things that are exclusive to Linux. This is why systemd cannot be used on *BSD systems. This also forces the BSD people to actually write shims around systemd in order to port normally portable software such as GNOME which have a dependency on systemd.

Systemd is wrong on so many levels. It is not POSIX compliant and makes normally portable software UNPORTABLE to other unix systems. It is a lot like what Microsoft did in the past - make their system necessary for any application. The whole purpose of POSIX was to provide a basic standard which applications could rely on for portability. Granted that POSIX didn't always succeed in this goal, but systemd has fundamentally destroyed years of work for no gain at all.

Comment Re:We're referencing five year plans now? (Score 1) 191

In Poland we had 5 year plans *every year* during Soviet times. Each year the plan would be better!

Except once we had a 7 year plan, and the teacher made us put little 'siodemki' [7s] on the Christmas tree. This was the great gift of Stalin!

And in spite of planning, you still had to wait in line for three hours to get 300 grams of meat, but perhaps that was the plan....

Comment Re:Don't take away everyone's freedom (Score 1) 1011

There is quite a bit of difference between Islam and Christianity.

Christianity might have its share of hypocrites, but the foundational message is the practice of virtue, forgiveness and charity. There are some very bad Christians but these can be dealt with by currently existing laws. Christians who kill and break the law are going against their own code of conduct and so do not form an existential threat to Europe.

Atheists also are generally those who want to see a more 'reasonable' approach to life. At times it can be intolerant of others, but in general [today's] atheism still respects the need for law and order for the peace and prosperity of society.

Islam on the other hand has an entirely different set of values. Its fundamental tenet is to wage Jihad, to such an extent that those Muslims who refuse to wage Jihad are also public enemies. This is one of the reasons that sectarian strife in Muslim countries is very brutal. There is no nation on earth that has accepted Islam voluntarily - it has always been imposed due to military conquest. A believer in Islam does not even accept the authority of the state if it is not in accordance with Sharia law. Islam cannot be simply be dealt with by a policy of appeasement, as its system of belief will not tolerate any other laws but its own.

The real problem is not with Arab peoples or any race, but the horrible book which is named the 'Koran' that incites violence and destruction. Every nation that has adopted Islam has always been at war with itself and other peoples. To think Europe can deal with this crisis of Islam like it has dealt with others is simply not knowing the enemy nor his motivations.

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: How do you handle "stinky" co-workers? 1

schwaahed writes: My friends and I read the ON-CALL article this week in The Register:

We exchanged our own horror stories about people at work who smell and
what to do about them. Talk with them yourself? e-mail them? Have HR
make them watch a video? Post comments in a tech site online and hope
they read it?

I'd like hear what Slashdot readers suggest.

Comment Re:Jails (Score 2) 86

Jail --> Honking Big Ass Server running a bunch of restricted processes. While said process is running self-contained, it's not easily transferable at all.

You obviously never used jails. You can take a FreeBSD jail, archive and transfer it to any other server quite easily. For instance, with a running jail using ezjail-admin [there are actually many ways to do this] :

# ezjail-admin stop mysql-jail

# ezjail-admin archive mysql-jail

The archive file will be saved [according to configuration] in /usr/jails/mysql-jail.tar.gz To transfer to another server, just copy this file to another server and do:

# ezjail-admin create -a /usr/jails/ezjail_archives/mysql-jail.tar.gz transferred-jail

# ezjail-admin start transferred-jail

There are even better options using zfs-send and the like, which can copy over a snapshot of the current file system to the server. There are also many advantages to jails that docker simply doesn't have, but I will let other commentors write about them. FreeBSD jails are vastly superior in my humble opinion and are really docker done right. However, in the Linux world docker is definitely a very nice tool

Comment Re:Does it offload work to the IMAP server yet? (Score 3, Informative) 38

For IMAP, just turn off the cache if you don't want them on your local machine. It is sometimes good to just cache the headers for quicker look, especially if you file commit messages to folders.

Mutt can offload searches to IMAP, and do many wonderful things:

If you want to avoid prefetch, work with =h and =b instead: this leaves the search on the server (if it supports it), but notice that it's literal string only, no regular expression. Note that this feature is not available before version 1.5.11.

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