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Comment Re:Death To All Jews (Score 5, Insightful) 920

Quite different points though. Sarah Silverman's point being about the grotesquery of Trump, and PewDiePie's being about "it's fine to be an antisemitic little shithead"

No, his point for the clip that was taken out of context was:

* "Youtube Heroes is an Authoritarian nightmare that is going to attract the worst kinds of people."
* "The media likes to take things out of context to slander people."
* "Hey, there's a thing over here that I'm pointing at."
* "This fiverr website is a great example of how surreal the modern world is."

Depending on which of the clips they took out of context you're talking about, of course.

Comment Re:Glass houses & stones (Score 3, Insightful) 920

Speaking of which, you yourself have used more than a few crass racial stereotypes

First, I encourage all Slashdot readers to take a look at what Xenographic thinks is a "crass racial stereotype".

Second, I don't expect Disney to sponsor my Slashdot comments, nor do I look for the alt-right to spring to my defense because they don't.

Why do you hate the Japanese, PopeRatzo?

Comment Re:Death To All Jews (Score 1) 920

However, do you truly believe that he's a neo nazi?

It doesn't matter if he's a neo-nazi. He put some shit on his little web video and now nobody wants to advertise with him. He made a choice. They made a choice.

Free market at work.

The same Regressive leftist trolls smugly stating that this is fair game to do to PewDiePie also raised unholy living hell when GamerGate did it to Gawker.

The difference being that GG didn't have to lie about Gawker to do their advertiser contacting blitz, whereas the WSJ openly, blatantly lied (via omission) about PewDiePie to his advertisers and network.

One of the videos they cropped to make him look bad was LITERALLY about how the media likes to crop videos to make people look bad.

The WSJ fucked up, bad. No one listened and believed like they were expecting. They're going to have to walk this back, it's literally only a matter of time before they do.

Comment Re:Death To All Jews (Score 5, Insightful) 920

I can't think of many places where you wouldn't get fired for that sign.

Infowars? Breitbbart?

Sarah Silverman once went on Conan dressed up as Hitler, complete with stache and Swastika. That's a bit more than a sign.

"Ah, but that's different, she was obviously doing it to make a point."

So was PewDiePie.

Comment Re:Point proven (Score 1) 341

Well, it's important to remember that SJWs are Postmodernists. Postmodernists are nutters who believe things like facts, logic, reasoning, and the scientific method are things that apply to lesser people. That's where you get insane things like "biology is a social construct" or well, Identity Politics in general.

Comment Re:Point proven (Score 1) 341

That's a pretty arbitrary definition of "birth defect".

I'm trying to think of other people who arbitrarily defined things as defects... I'm sure there was some group doing that in the 1930s.

And we have a Godwin's law violation everyone! Lets wrap it up before someone on the radical left decides it's ok to start punching everyone in this thread that disagrees with them.

Comment Re: Point proven (Score 2) 341

Birth defect? Who decided what was a birth defect and not an evolutionary trait? I say you and your entire backwards good old boy conservative species is a birth defect. Do I win because you demonstrate yourself to be?

Every life form on the planet that reproduces sexually has two genders. Male and female.

Humans are a life form that reproduces sexually.

We have two genders.



No amount of semantics will change this fundamental fact of our species. You can argue what it means to be male and female -- that's healthy and everchanging -- but trying to make up stupid bullshit like "agender" or "thirdgender" is completely pointless.

Comment Re: Hate Speech (Score 1) 341

One thing we've noticed in the past few years is that there are sociopaths out there that use other people's empathy as a weapon.

Call someone the right kind of name -- racist, for example -- and they'll immediately suffer cognitive dissonance. The easiest way out is the one most people take -- apologizing and adjusting behavior. If you weaponize this effect, you can force people to give you special treatment.

If you fall for this enough times, or if you watch someone else fall for it, you become resistant. And that can come across as a lack of empathy. It's not. It's not letting your buttons be pushed by trolls and demagogues with an agenda that relies on using your own empathy against you.

Comment Point proven (Score 2, Informative) 341

"There are only two genders. Male and Female."

Disproved by genetics. Your own science disagrees with you. You must be some kind of ignorant idiot. Go educate yourself.

Ignoring your textbook SJW stupidity... (Genetically XX and XY are the two genders. Everything else is a birth defect.)

See everyone? Point proven.

Comment Hate Speech (Score 3, Insightful) 341

Let me give you an example of "Hate Speech" that I have been harassed and attacked over saying, including on this very website.

"There are only two genders. Male and Female."

Which pretty much sums up the problem with fighting "hate speech." The regressive left has co-opted and twisted the meaning of the already meaningless term "hate speech" -- along with other terms like "racism" or "nazi" -- to the point that they've lost all semblance of meaning.

But "Twitter announces more [UnAmerican Political Censorship] tools (Again.)" doesn't have the same kick to it, I guess.

Comment Small Wonder they object (Score 1) 626

Small wonder they object -- the open secret in the tech industry is that they're using H-1Bs to generate a slave caste in the tech industry.

It's not just about the lower wages. It's also about the fact that these employees aren't allowed to quit.

Trump has openly said he will be going after H-1B abuse, and any restrictions in travel means they can't find some bright but desperate young adults from Europe and abuse the hell out of them. Turns out there's a bit of swamp in Silicon Valley, too.

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