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Comment Re:"hacked"? (Score 1) 315

So you are equating war crimes on one side with the use of what may now be legal fundraising loopholes *pushed by the conservatives* on the other? Wow talk about cognitive dissonance.

She bragged about framing an Iranian citizen to try to trick one of our allies into war with Iran on false pretenses.

Yes, she is as evil as Bush.

Comment Re:"hacked"? (Score 4, Insightful) 315

Has wikileaks ever confirmed they got the emails from a hacker? couldn't they be, lets say, leaked?

Doesn't matter. The source only is an issue because the people screaming about it don't want to discuss the content of the leaks.

The DNC is as corrupt as the GOP. That's the takeaway that the people who believe themselves to be the "good" guys are cognitive dissonancing themselves into a tizzy over.

Remember, Wikileaks were heroes when they were releasing Bush era war documents. Now that they're revealing that Hillary's campaign and the DNC have been illegally taking money from foreigners and using shell companies to circumvent laws about collusion with Super PACs they're the devil working with $szCurrentRival to undermine democracy itself.

Comment Re:Dude! (Score 1) 523

"The essay concludes, "You might enjoy my book because you're not sure if I'm really endorsing Gary Johnson or just saying so to protect my brand."

You had them going. They were totally buying it - you had just whooshed ...almost everybody. And then you go and let the cat out of the bag like that. Now, only half of them are going to believe you're serious.

Yes, woosh is the sound the point makes as it goes over your head. He follows up EVERY blog post with something similar. It's a running gag. Even his twitter feed has that as his bio.

Comment $650, all the way up to $770? (Score 1) 197

Pricing starts at $649 for the smaller 5-inch Pixel, available for preorder today. That number scales up to $749 with 128GB of onboard storage, $769 for the larger Pixel XL with 32GB, or $869 for the XL with 128GB. Google gives a choice between black or silver for color, with an exclusive "really blue" option in some markets, such as with Verizon in the US.

Holy crap, $650? Did I miss a memo, or is that outrageously high?

Comment Re:Bechdel Test (Score 1) 321

And by that, I mean that certain groups are looking for scalps to collect to prove a point. This is why certain people can get away with doing things without rebuke.

If you kiss the ring, they'll leave you alone, as long as you profess to agree with their belief system 100% at all times. The problem is, their belief system shifts constantly.

In non-political, non-cultural circles we call this a cult mentality. In political and cultural circles, we call it Social Justice.

And woe betide you if you do something that helps the "enemy." Just look at Wikileaks for a hint at that. They were doing god's work until they threatened the Queen's election. Now they're horrific "Alt-Right" monsters under the personal control of Putin. (Note that the veracity of the documents isn't in question, just that Wikileaks are poopyheads for sharing.)

Comment Re:Bechdel Test (Score 0) 321

I get their/your point, but Guybrush may not be the best example. Day of the Tentacle (same studio and within a few years) had a neurotic female (co)lead and nobody got lynched.

That was years ago. Nowadays you couldn't make Day of the Tentacle, for several problematic reasons:

* Ableist: Makes fun of shy, nerdy scientists, which everyone knows represent all Autistic people, and making fun of nerds -- Unless they're Gamers who disagree with you on social or political grounds -- isn't acceptable.
* Sexist: Women are put in danger, are assumed to be wrong, and are drawn showing secondary sex characteristics, all three of which are unacceptable. To wit: The woman is shown to be insane, and that means the writer thinks all women are irrational, overly emotional, psychopaths. For shame!
* Racist: Has no black characters, which means it automatically fails the Social Justice T.O.K.E.N. test, and thus is inherently racist. In addition, the titular Tentacle is purple, which is a racist dog whistle meaning black character, and is shown to be both angry and using a gun -- in short, the Tentacle symbolizes oppression towards black people in Western society, and is the real hero of this story fighting his oppressors. Hashtag: TENTACLE LIVES MATTER!
* Cultural Appropriation: Uses Tentacles, which are well known to be from Japanese culture. Using things from other cultures for any reason is cultural appropriation, which is always wrong.

The problem with professional outrage peddlers is that they can always, always find something to be outraged about. Combine that with social and economic rewards for finding offense with things, and you have a booming industry of Moral Crusaders looking for anything they can get mad and scream about.

Or, as we succinctly call them -- SJWs.

Comment Bechdel Test (Score 5, Insightful) 321

All this talk about the Bechdel test reminds me of the Galbrush Paradox, a related mess that was codified during GamerGate. During a discussion of noted con artist Anita Sarkeesian -- who has managed to run TWO wildly successful Kickstarter scams stealing close to half a million dollars from rubes -- and her completely unobtainable standards for female characters:

Absolutely not. If you can't tell a two bit con artist from one of your own, you really need to clean up your movement before you start 'suggesting' anything.

But maybe you're just naive and don't understand the problem. Do you know why there's so many white male characters in video games? Especially leads? Because no one cares about them.

A white male can be a lecherous drunk. A woman can't or it's sexist. Sexualizing women and what all. A white male can be a mentally disturbed soldier who's mind is unraveling as he walks through the hell of the modern battleeld. A woman can't or you're victimizing women and saying they're all crazy.

Consider Guybrush Threepwood, start of the Monkey Island series. He's weak, socially awkward, cowardly, kind of a nerd and generally the last person you'd think of to even cabin boy on a pirate ship, let alone captain one. He is abused, verbally and physically, mistreated, shunned, hated and generally made to feel unwanted.

Now let's say Guybrush was a girl. We'll call her Galbrush. Galbrush is weak, socially awkward, cowardly, kind of a nerd and generally the last person you'd think of to even cabin boy on a pirate ship, let alone captain one. She is abused, verbally and physically, mistreated, shunned, hated and generally made to feel unwanted.

Now, you might notice that I've given the exact same description to both of these characters. But here's where things deviate. While no one cares if Guybrush takes a pounding for being, for lack of a better term, less than ideal pirate, Galbrush will be presumed to be discriminated against because of her gender. In fact, every hardship she will endure, though exactly the same as the hardships Guybrush endured, will be considered misogyny, rather than someone being ill suited to their desired calling.

And that ending. She goes through ALL that trouble to help, let's call him Eli Marley, escape the evil clutches of the ghost piratess Le Chuck, it turns out he didn't even need her help and she even screwed up his plan to thwart Le Chuck. Why, it'd be a slap in the face to every woman who's ever picked up a controller. Not only is the protagonist inept, but apparently women make lousy villains too!

And that's why Guybrush exists and Galbrush doesn't. Men can be comically inept halfwits. Women can't. Men can be flawed, tragic human beings. Women can't. And why? Because every single female character reects all women everywhere.

The horrible truth ls you and Sarkeesian want to craft a box into which you can force every female character into. Some idiotic 'ideal'. Putting aside the stupidity of exchanging one unobtainable role model for women with another, this has the added problem of making all female characters exactly the same. And when all characters are exactly the same, that's boring And boring characters do not sell video games.

And when applied to film, this is why the Bechdel test fails. Because writing female characters is an identity politics minefield, and trying to give them any character development other than talking about the characters you ARE allowed to take risks with or write as less than perfect gets you in trouble with idiots writing for The Mary Sue or Jezebel, who then rile up a lynch mob at you.

Comment Re:Sony is also False Flagging No Man Sky videos (Score 1) 134

MundaneMatt Just had 2 of his videos false flagged by Sony of all people. Mind you, Sony is merely distributing the PS4 version of the game, so their right to DMCA mere discussion of the game before launch -- especially when it doesn't contain in game footage -- is a bit odd at best.

But yeah, this suppression of pre-release footage is worrying. Combine that with an apparent Review Embargo and, well... I haven't been on the hype train for this one, but I do hope it's good.

The strong-arm bully tactics strongly suggest that it's not good, otherwise it would be allowed to stand on its own merits and no publicity would be bad publicity, you dolt.

Well no friggin' duh. I'm hoping it turns out not to suck.

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