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Comment Re:Slime-balls (Score 0) 296

Excellent point and well made. People who are coming out saying the drone operators are perfectly fine obviously haven't though more than six inches in front of their face. Short-sighted idiots, they can't envision a situation because they refuse to think about it from the "how could a bad guy misuse this" perspective.

Comment Re: Rule of thumb (Score 2) 296

It is just kids having fun.

I wonder how you'd feel if someone parked a drone over your back yard with a camera watching your comings and goings, what time you went to bed and woke up, what kind of property you leave out, who visits your house and when, how many kids you have and what ages they are, and so forth. That's just the tip of the iceberg. Someone WILL eventually do that, most likely a LOT of someones, because there are some fucked up people in this world. A law that says it's perfectly alright for someone to fly a drone in close proximity to your home would enable this exact behavior.

And please don't go with the "so what, I have nothing to hide" defense. Even if you didn't mind a private citizen doing it, I'm willing to bet you'd be out of your mind upset if the government did it. If it's not good for one to be doing it, it's not good for either to be doing it.

Comment Saitek back in the day (Score 1) 69

I haven't done any flight sims since way back in the day (the market for them fell out over 10 years ago and things became stagnant). Long enough ago that HOTAS was still all keyboard/joystick port. But I do fondly remember using my Saitek setup. Looked and worked beautifully. My only complaint was that some games did not test with HOTAS so they keyboard emulation worked poorly, such as multi button press. The technology had become stagnant and all of the major sim game developers went bankrupt and got bought out.

Comment Re:piracy? (Score 1) 88

If you could put a person into space, you could just as easily put your own station into space.

I think you are entirely unaware of how few manned space programs there are right now.

Heck, it took a ton of effort just to get spacecraft from different countries to be able to dock with each other during Soyuz-Apollo and Space Shuttle-Mir missions. Nobody in Russia, US, or India would even have the equipment to link up to a Chinese station.

Comment Re:piracy? (Score 1) 88

As far as I know, India has not yet put any people into space. They are at the same level as SpaceX and Boeing. They have launched unmaned vehicles.

My guess is SpaceX will put a human into space long before India does.

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