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Comment Re:drone ship landings require a lot less fuel? (Score 3, Informative) 101

Here is the launch profile.

Launches to GTO need to be going a lot faster (7.7 km/s for ISS, vs 9.88 km/s for GTO). The Falcon 9 uses up enough fuel that it cannot execute the "boostback" burn listed in the image.

Instead it continues on in a parabolic arc until it hits the atmosphere to slow down, firing the rocket at the last minute to stop over the drone ship.

Comment Re:Article is content-free (Score 1) 62

What they fail to understand is banks WANT centralized authentication and authority. Its how the banks exercise power over another. The bigger bank tells the smaller banks what to do.

Even if blockchains could perform all the tasks they claim to, it basically takes the authority and control out of the hands of the big bank and evens out the control so no one entity can corrupt it. It might be best for the system and the people, but the big banks won't go for it.

Comment Why do I get the feeling... (Score 2) 255

Why do I get the feeling a lawsuit isn't far behind this announcement? The parent's description of the child's horror and emotional turmoil seem ready made for a lawyer to grab up and sue Knightscope, the mall, and every business (with money) in earshot and eyesight of the event.


Sega Saturn's DRM Cracked Almost 23 Years After Launch ( 96

An anonymous reader writes from a report via Gamasutra: The Sega Saturn's DRM has finally been cracked after it hit store shelves nearly 23 years ago in November 1994. Engineer James Laird-Wah first set forth to break through the console's copy protection in an attempt to harness its chiptune capabilities. Laird-Wah has, however, developed a way to run games and other software from a USB stick in the process. Since disc drive failure is a common fault with the game console, his method circumvents the disc drive altogether, instead reworking the Video CD Slot so it can take games stored on a USB stick and run them directly through the Saturn's CD Block. "This is now at the point where, not only can it boot and run games, I've finished just recently putting in audio support, so it can play audio tracks," explained Laird-Wah, speaking to YouTuber debuglive. "For the time being, I possess the only Saturn in the world that's capable of writing files to a USB stick. There's actually, for developers of home-brew, the ability to read and write files on the USB stick that's attached to the device.

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