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Comment Re:Stupid (Score 1) 234

So you want people slamming on their brakes the instant they see yellow? Because that is what the lack of a grace period will result in. You can't know if a light is going to be extended yellow or not.

And, if anything, drives will assume they are not since most cities reduce the yellows to get more fines.

Comment Re:Old = expensive. (Score 1) 188

Yeah, it was fairly small.

I once worked in a big software development division at a huge corporation and it was much like that. Employees are an expense not a resource, squeeze margins until they squeal. Hire contractors so they can be let go without any strings attached.

When they moved on to offshore, I jumped ship... so to speak. I will not work for a company that does offshoring ever again.

Comment Re:Old = expensive. (Score 1) 188

I learned early in my career that I don't want to work at companies that moan and whine about how much software staff costs. This extends to non-programmers as well. "Why should I pay for a professional QA person, when I can just pull someone off of the line and pay them peanuts?"

I remember sitting in an IT staff meeting getting a lecture that we were lazy overpriced bums. "You are 20% of our staff, but make 50% of our wages!"

Yeah, asshole, its because we have degrees (mostly 2 year, because they were cheap bastards) and your line people did not even graduate high school.

I realized at that point that as a programmer, I do not want to work in IT ever again.

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