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Comment Re:Everyone should post as Anonymous (Score 1) 304

People who had their locker beside yours in high-school are not 'long lost friends'

Yes, they pretty much are, almost by definition, since they are/were friends who you lost touch with a long time ago.

they don't need to see photos of your cars and kids nor need they to know where you live.

Need? No, but maybe they want to. I know that I have really enjoyed seeing photos of friends from high school, their kids, whatever, and have had some fun exchanges catching up with people I hadn't spoken to in years. In my case, I grew up on military bases, so it was particularly easy to lose track of people, especially since this was pre-Internet. Just because circumstances caused me to lose touch with someone doesn't mean they should be permanently erased from my life. Just because I don't call someone on the phone every Sunday doesn't mean that I don't enjoy a quick browse of their photos, updates, whatever they post.

Listen, if you don't want to read or post to Facebook, fine. But you're being an arrogant ass to tell others they shouldn't. Not every interaction with people has to rise to the level of a discussion over the validity of Keynesian vs. Hayekian economics. Maybe I just want to see a cute pic of an old friend playing with his daughter from time to time.


Comment Re:Sounds like BS (Score 1) 434

Is there any source for this statement besides The Inquirer?


Interestingly, the Ars Technical piece in question doesn't directly quote anybody from Intel saying Clover Trail “cannot run Linux”, they just say that the Inquirer reported that an Intel spokesperson at the Intel Developer Forum made that statement.

That's not "Yes," that's "No." If Ars is referencing The Inquirer, then there is no other original source than The Inquirer. Given The Inquirer's reputation, I think it's pretty important that we get independent confirmation before rushing to get the torches and pitchforks ready (or rushing to defend Intel's rights, depending on your bent).

Comment Re:No Organ Doner Here (Score 1) 516

Do you also agree, irrevocably, to never accept a donated organ for yourself or your minor children? Do you also agree to refuse drugs and therapies developed via research requiring donated organs? If so, no problem.

Comment Doesn't Replace Dropbox (Score 1) 222

I was a little disappointed to learn that this won't really complete with or replace Dropbox, at least not yet. For me, OS-integration is critical-- I've got plenty of places to store info via a manual interface (web, FTP, etc). Hopefully this is just a start, and we'll see more features soon. Frankly, Dropbox works perfectly for me, so this just adds competition to the space that will hopefully drive up free storage capacities.

Comment Re:Welcome to 3 years ago (Score 1) 243

This likely only happened because you were in the boondocks. We just moved back to the States from two years in London. It took forever to get a current account (checking) set up when we first moved to England, so we lived on our US Capital One card (no ForEx charges) for nearly a month. We were never once hassled for using a non CnP card-- everyone knew to swipe it. I don't recall ever having to give my post code the whole time I was there either.

On topic, I think CnP has to be more secure than swipe and keyboard pin as used for debit card transactions in the US. Seems like it would be trivial to skim the stripe data and the pin pads are not private at all.

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