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Comment Sounds like Harry Potter (Score 2) 241

Really reminds me of that moment where harry potter talks to his loved ones before going to die in the woods (sorry for crappy ref, i'm not a huge potter buf). He isnt really experiencing something new with them hes just talking with them and they are giving him reassurance.

On the surface of course this sounds creepy, but its amazing how easy it is to comfort that "human" side of your brain. In a similar manner this would provide someone pretty much the same thing. You know, kinda like, if it sounds like joe, acts like joe, says something i think joe might say, then you can probably be reconnected in that small way, relieving your pain in a small way.

I think anything that has the potential to ease suffering probably has a future.

Comment Duh (Score 0, Flamebait) 506

I liked the weather

Ok, first off i know your lying.

As a MS Stack software developer in LA, I barely had to do anything

Thats better

Something isn't right because I am still getting offers for interviews here in SoCal

Uh, when you make professional contacts and they begin to know and trust you, word gets around and when positions come up so does your name. Its called networking? Maybe you dont need to know anything about networks as a MS Stack software developer..

but not much from where I really wanted to be

Again, networking. Your just some well tanned bum who lives on the beach and thinks its nice that this new place doesnt have sun 95% of the time. Why the heck WOULD they call you?

Oh yeah, and your like 30 miles from the corporate headquarters of MS, so there are probably a few more MS Stack software developers hanging around.

Comment Re:So, 4 of them have never used a computer. (Score 1) 88

This post is the only good thing going for this article....

Let me add that "many" simply means the greater part of, so 3 or 4 could be the answer. If they had said "some" I could believe that to have been 2 or 3. But since the point was to emphasize how little the group knew, If the number was 4 I think they would have preferred to say "most".

So, my take is the actual number is 3.

Comment Re:And it took this long to "make the connection"? (Score 2) 248

If that's the case then I'd like to see their sample size for full mouth x-rays. I'd bet it's smaller than the sample size for the partial/single bitwing and that could be the source of the vanishing connection. Basic statistics, if a known correlation exists, and you didn't find it in your particular sample check your sample size first. Throwing out the correlation because the smaller sample doesn't show what the larger sample does sounds a bit foolish, and if done that way would result in no correlation ever being found in anything.

Or the sample size for full mouth was larger and a better representation of the norm. Or both were the same just too small to draw a conclusion from.

Either way Lurie is correct in asserting that this type of inconsistency results in an inconclusive study.

Comment Re:Alternative: donate it (Score 1) 321

You would be better off buying lottery tickets for your kids with the money that you're spending. At least there is a chance it could be used for something.

Consider that the cost of harvesting cord blood is about $1,500 and storing it per year is about $100. For 18 years you spend $3,300 or 1,100 powerball tickets.

Odds of winning the powerball are 1,100 to 195,249,054 (0.0000056%)
Odds of being afflicted with type 1 diabetes and being a part of a case study: 8 in 100,000 (0.00008%)

So actually, you have better odds of actually needing and using your cord blood. Although, as many have suggested, donating is a noble option too.

Comment Re:The system always wins (Score 1) 950

With a growth in his chest, two ruptured disks and no job, Verone hoped a three-year stint in prison would afford him the health care he needed ...

But the charge of larceny, not armed robbery, is unlikely to keep Verone behind bars for more than 12 months

You can't win. Even the simplest of plans the powers that be manage to screw you over on.

Yes but this guy cant afford a lawyer so a 3 year sentence could still be a possibility!

Comment Re:A new kind of space ship? (Score 1) 181

The core of this planet has been hot for billions of years, perhaps it could be coaxed it into staying hot for billions more. A couple of well placed moons might gravitationally provide some heat in the core.

Also the planet could be stocked with water to provide thermodynamic energy, O2, and water for us and plants. Not sure how effective a big layer of ice is against gamma radiation, but it couldnt hurt.

And who says we have to have a large population, just big enough to withstand any disasters that might befall us along the way (earthquakes, radiation, comets, etc...).

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