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Comment Re:What's the great thing about a "smart" home (Score 1) 183

You can control the heating/cooling temperature, on either pattern or exception. So, the system can learn that you're usually home around 5.30p and have your house at exactly the temp you like when you arrive. Or, you can tell it you're on the way home at 12n today and it will have the house ready for you early. Same thing with lights/etc. Even if you like to do those things yourself, computers are more efficient. In the temp example, say you told your home you need to stay out until 9.30p one night - the temp would hover at whatever is cheapest (no heating/cooling) until it needed to turn on in order to be ready for your later arrival time and then turn on - this has potential to be much more efficient and save you money.

Comment Supplementation/diet evolution (Score 4) 174

With your focus on longevity and aggressive supplementation, you have often included a caveat that you keep track of developments in this space and adjust your regiments all of the time. With that in mind, what have you changed recently? What supplements, food choices, etc, have you favored previously but no longer due, based on new information? Conversely, what new supplements, food choices, etc, have you begun taking/eating/drinking/etc based on new research and information?

Comment How about ... nothing? (Score 5, Insightful) 169

Perhaps...you could just go out and run?

Seriously. I've done multiple marathons, the Disney Goofy Challenge, a number of triathlons including two Ironman races, etc... You don't need all this fancy stuff. Just make sure you keep a phone with you (or your wife in this case) in case you have an emergency, bring ample water and snacks if you're out for long training runs, and enjoy the time. Get away from computers, TVs, phones, etc. Enjoy being outside. If you and your wife are running together, then enjoy the time together, working to a common goal, away from all of the hustle of normal life where everything is connected.

Running without all the crap is the best, most enjoyable, time for me. I love it. I used to run with music, GPS tracking, etc. Now, just a phone in case of emergency and sometimes not even that. Give it a try. You'll love it. And your wife will too.

Comment Re:Buggy software is buggy (Score 2) 233

But...it's not.
Because you have different approaches to it. If the community could agree on how to address the (growing) difference in time as measured by Earthborn measures with solar/Earth/rotation measures, then it would be. But, there are legitimate and valid disagreements with how time should be kept.

Comment Re:How about a law preventing SSN use for credit/I (Score 1) 125

This is a great idea. Once there is a working system in place to replace the current one. Until that is true, this proposal would prevent many companies from doing business and many customers from obtaining necessary services. It's a fine idea in principle; it's just those nasty details and implementation that are complicated and make this unrealistic.

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