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Submission + - Email clients for Mac

CaptainJeff writes: After hesitating for the past few years about buying a Mac for my primary system at home, I bite the bullet and ordered one of the new Nehalem-based dual-CPU/eight-core Mac Pro workstations. As I eagerly await FedEx, I have planned out many of the aspects of what I can do directly on OSX (most thingS) and what I need to do within a Parallels virtual machine (Visual Studio development for work, etc). My one quandary so far, primarily based on lack of information, is what email client to use. I have always used Outlook on my Windows systems. When I used Macs in my previous job, I use Entourage somewhat (and didn't like it) and settled on using Thunderbird. However, that was three years ago, so I do not know if there is/are better applications out there now for email. Google searching turns up a bunch of options but no good (and current) reviews/summaries to help me select. So, I put the question out there to you Mac users, what do you use for an email client? Why and what do you like/dislike about it?

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