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Comment Re:Okay... so what am I supposed to do about it? (Score 4, Insightful) 368

I suggest you download and watch Idiocracy: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0387808/

Birth control by smart intelligent people who care about the planet is just a way of handing it over to stupid uneducated people who don't use birth control and don't care about the planet.

If you wouldn't vote for people like that in an election, why on earth would you hand the future of the planet over to them and their descendants?

Comment Ridley opposes state aid unless for himself (Score 5, Insightful) 248

There is an old adage; everyone hates government spending except the government spending they benefit from themselves. In this case, almost every article Matt Ridley writes says how bad state aid is. Except when he was head of a bank himself, when times were tough he went to parliament with his hat in his hand to beg for a taxpayer bailout and suddenly state aid was a great idea: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matt_Ridley#Northern_Rock

If you want to change Matt Ridley's mind about state spending on research, give him a job in a research lab and watch with wonder as articles praising state aid for research emanate from his greedy mind.

Comment Re:profit (Score 4, Interesting) 475

I got 2300 Bitcoin in 2011. I sold 500 at $119.99 earlier this year and bought a nice car. I sold 900 at $997 and am in the process of buying 3 rental apartments for case. I still have over 1000 Bitcoin.

Once you get Trusted on mt.gox you can withdraw $500k per month. Its not enough to do arbitrage but its not small change either.

I am not alone - lots of people have made huge profits on Bitcoin and we expect to make more. Its designed to work even if its made illegal to own Bitcoin. The price has always fluctuate violently because the markets are so small and liquidity is so poor. But its the most interesting social experiment on the Internet and I love being part of it.

Comment We beat them because the EU has no DMCA (Score 5, Informative) 285

Blizzard sued my company in Germany and we are still trading. The reason is that Americans can't avoid the broad restrictions of the DMCA while Europeans are able to work within existing copyright and trademark law. The DMCA is simply a way of closing creative American companies so the business is done from overseas.


GNOME 3.8 Released Featuring New "Classic" Mode 267

Hot on the heels of the Gtk+ 3.8 release comes GNOME 3.8. There are a few general UI improvements, but the highlight for many is the new Classic mode that replaces fallback. Instead of using code based on the old GNOME panel, Classic emulates the feel of GNOME 2 through Shell extensions (just like Linux Mint's Cinnamon interface). From the release notes: "Classic mode is a new feature for those people who prefer a more traditional desktop experience. Built entirely from GNOME 3 technologies, it adds a number of features such as an application menu, a places menu and a window switcher along the bottom of the screen. Each of these features can be used individually or in combination with other GNOME extensions."
User Journal

Journal Journal: Ripped off by Apple and the IP industry

I am a sucker for Apple. I've got an iPhone, an iPad and a MacBook Air with the most memory and biggest storage that can be bought. The sheer elegance of the MacBook Air makes me happy whenever I use it. All my stuff is backed up to iCloud. iTunes is how access to online movies, tv series and music should work. Or so I thought....


Submission + - Cuddly Pillow Helps You Snore Less (mashable.com) 1

Random2 writes: Last week, Wasaeda University unveiled a new type of pillow at the International Robot Exhibition in Tokyo. Unlike conventional pillows, the cuddly bear is designed to gently stroke the face of a sleeping person as they snore, encouraging them to roll on their side; where they are less likely to snore.
Primarily intended to roommates and spouses who want to enjoy a night without sleep, the bear hasn't quite made it to market yet.

Is another invasion of cuteness from Japan imminent, or would the device suffer too much abuse from thrashing sleepers?

The Military

Submission + - Russia's MiG Aircraft Company Develops 3D Flight S (gizmag.com)

Zothecula writes: Russian aircraft company MiG is best known for its fighter planes which have been used by the USSR, China, North Korea and North Vietnam since the beginning of WWII. These days, the former Government-owned RAC MiG is a publicly traded entity and competes on the open market with its technologies, having more than 1600 of its MiG-29 fighters in operation in 25 countries. Now MiG is claiming a major first in military aviation with the launch of a 3D flight simulator at the Dubai Air Show, providing volumetric visualization of beyond-the-cockpit space for trainee top guns. The simulator comes complete with the MiG-29’s cockpit and actual control systems.

Submission + - Tor enabled Browser for the iPad on the AppStore (bsd.at)

An anonymous reader writes: While there has been a port of Tor for jailbroken iOS devices for a long time, there was no way to use it if you did not want to loose your warranty. Now it looks like Apple has approved a Webbrowser for the iPad called "Covert Browser" which includes a Tor client. If you look at the first screenshot on the authors page it looks like you can even select the Exitnode at wish. According to App Shopper it already hit place 64 in the iPad/Utilites category.

Submission + - Trion has spyware in Rift (ownedcore.com)

Captain Kirk writes: Trion has a vigorous anti-cheat policy which we all applaud. But its a shock that they are scanning all processes, including email and IM. Blizzard used do this and stopped due to privacy concerns. Here's hoping Trion does the same and restricts itself to scanning its own game processes, not everything it can see on the client computer!

Comment Bad. (Score 1) 102

Alzheimers can be 20 years in your body before it causes problems. There is no effective treatment. Forcing people to take this test early would simply mean that otherwise healthy people have 20 years of their lives ruined waiting for Alzheimers before the disease itself starts to affect them.

Really its like you didn't read the article :p

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