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Comment Re: Oh boy (Score 1) 377

But that's how it's =supposed= to work. As someone once pointed out, the Founders *designed* the system to promote legislative gridlock, under the theory that the less legislation gets passed, the less *stupid* legislation gets passed.

My feeling is that even if Trump sucks, it's better to have someone who will argue with Congress, rather than a rubberstamp for every lunacy that comes down the pike, as I expect would happen with Clinton in the office.

Comment That's not how end-to-end encryption works (Score 4, Interesting) 282

Are they going to force Google, Microsoft, and Mozilla to add in British-government-controlled certificate authorities to their browsers distributed in the UK? Or force hardware vendors to provide access to decrypted data on end-users' machines? I don't think they've thought through how little control over the process CSPs have.

I'm also wondering - does the financial sector get a pass from these directives? If not, good luck keeping London as the de-facto headquarters for the financial sector in Europe. If so, I wonder how they plan to restrict encryption to only the financial center?

Comment Re:Imagine a slashdot with better moderation? (Score 1) 801

Given how you explain it -- if it could be assured that it's one person, one share, one vote -- it sounds like a reasonable idea.

As to sockpuppets, I'd be rather more leery of Soros than Koch. Soros has openly stated his objective is to disrupt and destroy western civilization (without which we would not be having this conversation). If you support Soros' objective, by all means support Tides.

Comment Re:Earned reputation versus skilled propaganda? (Score 1) 801

Hell if I know what you watched; not everyone likes what Milo has to say, but I appreciate his advocacy for our Constitutional rights, in particular the rights of free speech and self-defense; admittedly I also enjoy his derision of special snowflakes. -- And since some disagree, we get people paid to disrupt his talks; frex, Trigglypuff.

Am I a bigot or a racist? Hmm. I'll have to think about that. Why can't I be both? -- I'm bigoted against stupid people, and I'm racist against anyone who comes to America and declines to become an American. (With no hyphen.)

I can't be arsed to particularly hate any of them, tho the term does make for a convenient shorthand, especially if the objective is to silence the opposition.

As to Islam, I direct your attention to this document:
Any faction which openly states its objective is to infiltrate my country is NOT my friend.

So long as anyone can shout "La ilaha illa Allah, Muhammad rasoolu Allah" and become a Muslim, methinks the answer there is obvious.

I might have preferred Scott Walker or maybe Gary Johnson, but lacking those choices (voting for 3rd parties merely splits the vote and mathematically ensures that the candidate you like *least* wins), I became interested in Trump when I realised there was no filter between his mouth and his brain. I prefer my elected officials say what they think, however crazy that may sound, rather than tell carefully crafted lies.

But I agree with him about cutting back and becoming more selective about who we let immigrate, and about building the wall. First, the U.S. is the only country in the world that doesn't cherrypick; we let almost anyone immigrate, which is damn foolish. Let's just adopt Mexico's common-sense rules. Second, I grew up in Montana, and lacking any evidence to the contrary, I used to believe in a borderless world and free immigration and all that. Then I spent 28 years in southern California, and experienced firsthand what uncontrolled immigration is doing to our country. Now I'm all for gun turrets at the border.

Comment Re:Earned reputation versus skilled propaganda? (Score 1) 801

I don't think she's being shafted; I think she's totally skating, and became convinced of that after reading even just a random dipping into the leaked emails. I didn't need and don't drink anyone else's koolaid.

As to my rationale about Trump, I'll let someone more articulate speak for me.

Comment Re:Earned reputation versus skilled propaganda? (Score 1) 801

Don't know; don't care that much -- more a curiosity of Hillary's history at this point. I'm rather more concerned about her current demonstrable ... shall we say teflon attitude toward personal responsibility. (A perception which got worse after I read some of the leaked materials.)

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