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Comment Re:Not a single time traveler? (Score 2) 1433

the first two-term President who was at war fior every day of his two terms

I know right! I just couldn't believe how he invaded both Iraq and Afghanistan on his first day in office! And all the excuses about WMDs that Obama made up for invading Iraq. That was a really impressive first day in office for Obama.

By the way, so far Trump has been at war for every day he's been in office too. So yeah, risks of wars sounds like a valid worry about Trump.

Comment Free fruit for kids (Score 1) 125

A local grocery store started putting out some specially marked bins of free fruit for kids to snack on while their parents are shopping. They had bananas and oranges. They were not large, but they were good quality, it's not like the store was giving away fruit that no one would buy. I have no idea how much they've given away.

Comment Re:Seems Impressive to me (Score 2) 179

But that's not a reasonable comparison to make. How many more years have those other companies had to set up those assembly lines? Maybe try comparing Tesla's production rate with another 13 year old car company. (Or compare Tesla's numbers to what those other companies did in their 13th year.) And don't forget that Tesla is making a new type (electric) of car. And before you say electric cars aren't new, how do those other companies' production numbers for electric cars compare to Tesla's numbers?

Comment Re:call insurance (Score 1) 492

I'm tempted to just reply: I'm not sure if there is such a thing as a slashdot user with user id "sinij"...

Click on the link I included, read what it says. If you don't like that, try searching for "attempted assault" and see what comes up. (If you actually exist. I'm not sure if you do exist~)

Comment Re:Bullshit (Score 1) 492

I never claimed that he did have a seizure, I pointed out that your argument was not a reasonable one, i.e. your lack of seizure is not proof that he did not have one.

Maybe you calling him a liar was not intended to be read as a conclusion of the the previous statement - but that's how I read it. And maybe you read my comment as me implying that he did in fact have a seizure, when I never said that. I merely said that by your logic, since I'm not epileptic I can say that you must be lying when you say you are.

Whether or not he is a "lying <your choice of offensive term here>" is irrelevant to the point I made. If you have some reference that would explain to me how all epileptic people respond exactly the same to every stimulus I'd be happy to read it.

Comment Re:call insurance (Score 1) 492

According to this site some places would say that the attempt is assault with actually hitting being "battery," while others would call it "attempted assault."

Think of it as being like "attempted murder." Being a bad shot and missing doesn't absolve you of wrong doing.

Comment Re:More likely medical practice, not evolution (Score 4, Interesting) 277

I submitted the article. I completely agree with what you say. I did mention the idea that the definition of babies being "too large" might be changing due to cesarean becoming more routine. And I agree this seems to be happening too fast.

What I considered really interesting was the question: if cesarean became the normal method of delivery for an extended period of time (many generations) could humans end up at a point where natural birth was not possible?

Submission + - Cesarean births *possibly* affecting human evolution 1

CanadianRealist writes: Larger babies delivered by cesarean section may be affecting human evolution. Researchers estimate cases where the baby cannot fit down the birth canal have increased from 30 in 1,000 in the 1960s to 36 in 1,000 births today. (Science Alert and ( BBC "this is happening headline" version.)

More detailed studies would be required to actually confirm the link between C-sections and evolution, as all we have now is a hypothesis based on the birth data.

Agreed, more studies required part. Cesareans may simply be becoming more common with “too large” defined as cesarean seems like a better idea. It's reasonable to pose the question based simply on an understanding of evolution. Like it's reasonable to conjecture that length of human pregnancy is a compromise between further development in utero, and chance of mother and baby surviving the delivery.

Comment Re:Only if you let them (Score 3, Insightful) 60

they can't hurt you IF YOU CHOOSE to not let the words hurt you

True. But that's easier said than done and many people who know the rhyme still are hurt by name calling and criticism, even if they have "chosen" not to be.

The issue there is privacy, you shouldn't be putting personally identifiable info online

You don't need to put any personal information online to be subject to abuse. If you post anything anywhere where people are allowed to comment on it, you can be subject to negative comments. You've posted anonymously. I could still have been offended by your comment and gone off on a rant and started calling you names. If you checked back to see if anybody had replied to your comment you would see that. If you are completely immune to such attacks, that's great. I suspect that quite a few people are not.

I also avoid putting personally identifiable info online because of concerns like what potential future employers might think of my personal views.

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