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Comment Re:Won't Work (Score 1) 499

These people already distrust anything science.

Then they should take another course which shows them all the good that science has done for them. As part of that course, remove everything they have which was made using the results of science. So no cell phones, no computers, nothing made of plastic, no modern medicines, and on and on. Probably simpler to say they have to give up pretty much everything they have except for a few things like animal skins, home made bows and spears.

Really they should be much happier having gotten rid of all that distrustful science stuff.

Comment The pivot point on the leg can move (Score 3, Informative) 42

I had trouble picturing how a pair of straight legs which could only pivot would allow walking up and down stairs.

If you watch closely in the video the pivot point on the leg moves up and down. The inside of the leg (meaning side towards the middle, not interior) has a track allowing the pivot point to move up and down the leg. Interesting idea which seems to work quite well.

Comment Re:What are the chances (Score 1) 175

The only way the path between the tines of the fork will be through your heart

You're assuming that the electricity passes from one tine to another. The summary says:

It features a conductive handle that completes a circuit when the tines make contact with a diner's tongue

And the picture in TFA shows all the tines are part of a solid piece of metal. So the electricity is passing from the tongue through the body and arm to the hand. So it may pass through the heart.

Comment Re:Totaly(sic) agree (Score 1) 642

Sorry but that part of my brain is also screaming right now:

If you've never worked with someone like that, you know how awkward

My sense of humor was also screaming. So if you have worked with someone like that then you have no idea?

Now I wait for someone to point out some funny mistake I made in this comment. (Good thing I did preview and caught a dumb html mistake.)

Comment DMCA penalty (Score 3, Insightful) 157

While DMCA is not likely mentioned, it likely is involved. And the reason there is no penalty is because Sony only needs to prove that it is a copyright holder, not that the video that was taken down is actually in violation of copyright.

So the solution is simple. The professor should post some cat video on YouTube, claim copyright, and then file to have every video from Sony removed via a DMCA request.

Hopefully with the whole Harvard Law Faculty behind him he can get away with it and show how broken the system is.

Comment Re:I don't have a problem with... (Score 0) 259

+5 Irony (unless it's not really ironic)

User AHuxley writes: (read as: someone who chose the user name AHuxley)

The problem with that is the tool thats been created can then open every phone of a generation and is been seen as been in gov hands via an open court.

Let's see

thats been created

seems clear enough even without the apostrophe. (Upon first reading.)

and is been seen

Well, "is being seen" seems a bit more likely than "has been seen" but I can't say I'm 100% sure.

seen as been

probably means "seen as being". So then the first one should be read as "that is being created" not "that has been created"?

Comment Re:Incinerate me (Score 1) 197

My father made his own garden compost for a lot of years, and quite frankly meat caused more problems than it contributed ... because the meat rotted and got nasty and didn't break down into nice clean compost.

It's true that a small compost pile cannot handle meat, but industrial scale piles can because they generate much more heat, which also kills off the bacteria.

Green bin programs collect kitchen scraps including meat, fish and bones in addition to the usual vegetable matter. All of it is composted.

Comment Re:not scarequotes needed (Score 2) 37

Sounds like it's time to take care of it the "American way." Sue them.

Henry Schein's Gentrix G5 did not use minimal HIPAA encryption levels, despite saying so in its brochures, online website, newspaper interviews, and newsletters.

Everyone who bought the software can now sue them for not providing what they claimed to provide. Sue them for the cost of the software plus punitive damages to cover the hassle of having to switch over to some software that does proper encryption.

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