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Comment Re: Dangerous comment (Score 1) 117

when the entire role of the system is to act as a server, you close all unneeded open ports not pertaining to that role

When you have something not needed listening [ ... ] allow attack vectors that are not monitored as closely

what you install needs a port open, it isn't a bad thing unless what you install is insecure or malicious

So on a dedicated server there's really no need to close unneeded ports. Simply don't install anything insecure or malicious on your server and everything will be fine.

Comment Abusing self-driving cars (Score 3, Insightful) 139

While self-driving cars may be the perfect driver, that opens them up to abuse. Human drivers will known they can cut in front of a self-driving car without facing any repercussions. Pedestrians and cyclists can do the same.

Here's an idea for a repercussion, at least for people driving cars. Send a video of the driver's behaviour to their insurance company. The insurance company can then raise the driver's insurance rates appropriately based on their driving habits displayed.

Simpler would be to send the video to the police, but they're probably less likely to do something.

Comment Re:Imagine when the dishonest and corrupt CIA (Score 1) 121

I'm pretty sure we've already seen 1 through 5 with Trump. At this point I wouldn't be too surprised if 6 happened.

How far are we really from denial of objectivity? How many Americans are religious? How many of those believe that their religion is the one true truth?

Comment Re:I Haven't Seen the Bill Yet (Score 1) 78

I like our colourful bills, very easy to identify - to the point that it's not even necessary to look at the number on them. I think I would find different sizes annoying - just try gathering up pieces of paper of different sizes and pile them neatly. Maybe different textures for the blind? (I just realized that my original statement about braille was incorrect. There are raised dots, but there are differing numbers of blocks of six raised dots.)

The plastic seems durable, and allows for transparent areas. The only issue I've found is it can be a little bit harder to count bills when your hands are dry, especially with brand new ones.

Comment Re:Taxes are for dummies (Score 1) 903

So, you are saying that all the folks that voted for Trump are racists?

Really? Seriously? So, you are saying that you're that illiterate? He absolutely did not say any such thing. Yes, he wrote a sentence that had the words "all" and "racist" in it, but the meaning is clear:
The ignorant racists who voted for Trump are all getting screwed by him.

The women who voted for Trump are all getting screwed by him.
The decent people who voted for Trump are all getting screwed by him.
The Latinos who voted for Trump are all getting screwed by him.

Wow, did I just say that the all the people who voted for Trump are Latino women who are simultaneously decent people and racists?

Comment Re:I Haven't Seen the Bill Yet (Score 1) 78

If you had just looked at the picture you'd have seen that it's purple, i.e. it's a $10.

(Sure, there's plenty of room for the denomination. It's there in large print twice on each of the front and back, spelled out in both languages on the front and there are multiple small "10"s on both sides of the bill as well as well as braille. But like I said, it's purple!)

Comment Re:fact is (Score 1) 300

Are you suggesting that it has been proved that giving people free stuff produces poverty in the long run? Worse poverty than if they had been given nothing?

This is an experiment, like many others, that is attempting to see what happens, maybe even prove that giving people free stuff is beneficial.

Oh and Fact is that while the use of the ellipsis in the summary may not be ideal, it is pretty clear that "Fact is" belongs with the next sentence, as in:

Fact is, job scarcity in traditional vocations is acute, worsening and permanent

Comment Always listen to experts (Score 1) 260

From Robert A. Heinlein, Excerpts from the Notebooks of Lazarus Long

Always listen to experts. They'll tell you what can't be done, and why. Then do it.

Good thing that Elon Musk listens to experts. I believe those experts are telling him that he can't go to Mars.

After so many years of reading science fiction it's nice to see some of it becoming science fact. Please keep pushing ahead Elon.

Comment Re:Stupid (Score 1) 258

The grace period is already fine. A red light means do not enter the intersection. (If you are already in the intersection, then yes, you should get out as quickly as reasonably possible.) A red light camera should only be triggered when a vehicle crosses the stop line after the light has turned red - that is the definition of "running a red light."

The amber light is a signal that the light will soon be changing to red. When the light goes amber you are supposed to stop if reasonably possible. If it is not reasonably possible to stop before the intersection then you should have no problem passing the stop line before the light goes red. The amber light should last sufficiently long to allow that.

The main failure point with this system is too many people treating the amber light as a signal to speed up to avoid the red light - and many people doing so when it's far too late. The main problem with the red light cameras is when they are used as an income source rather than a safety device. Some places have found they can increase the income from the cameras by shortening the length of the amber light. Doing so also likely increases the risk of accidents caused by people making emergency stops because the light just went amber and they don't want to get a ticket. So the desire for increased income can change a "safety device" to something that increases the risk of accidents.

Comment Re:Yeah, but WHEN? (Score 3, Insightful) 203

I think maybe you're on the wrong website, you don't seem to be interested in new discoveries. You might be happier with a site which concentrates on something like "new products coming out this year."

Many of us enjoy reading about new discoveries, knowing that not every promising new discovery will lead instantly to a mass marketed product. (If it ever does.) Every time there's a story about research on improving solar panels or battery efficiency there's always people complaining that they never see these things coming to market, ignoring the steady improvements that we see in both over time. For every story about improving ranges of electric vehicles there's someone who says it's useless because it doesn't meet their use case.

If you really are an old guy think about all the progress you've seen in your lifetime. It didn't happen all at once, but we've sure come a long way. My first computer had 48 kb of ram, 5 1/4" floppies as the only storage, and I used a Model 33 Teletype as a printer. It was a home built Southwest 6800, for those old enough to know what that was.

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