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Comment Re:Surprising (Score 1) 243

Politicians are only interested in creating new infrastructure. It gives then photo ops and the chance to name things. You win votes by expanding highways, building new bridges, and things like that. Never mind that adding lanes to a road will just add to the traffic there as people hear that it's just been expanded and go there.

What you need politicians to do is the unsexy stuff. Hire more inspectors to catch problems earlier and then provide the funds to fix those problems. This will extend the life of the infrastructure from current practice and save more money in the long run. Lives will be saved too as infrastructure that is unsafe will be found before it fails.

In Canada we have similar problems with our infrastructure. Our stimulus spending program was geared towards building new things though lots of roads got resurfaced. But something is wrong when the city I'm living has a huge maintenance backlog but can spend $6M on a new pedestrian bridge because of the spending program. With our last federal government if the infrastructure project got funds from them then the project had to put up a large sign solely for that program. That sign couldn't include information about anything else. You needed a second sign for that.

Comment Re:Overkill to going to fix this? (Score 1) 115

You are making a big assumption that the driver is paying attention. When crossing streets, at the crosswalk and with the light, I still check to see if it's safe. There's about once a month that I have to prevent myself from starting or else I would be hit. It's actually worse in the suburbs because people expect everyone to be driving. Pedestrians just aren't expected out in the suburbs at a crossing so drivers that have been waiting for the light to change in order to make a right turn (it being too busy to make it when the light was red) don't even bother to look for people before pressing on the gas.

I'm not saying that it's only the drivers fault. There are plenty of idiots on both sides. (I once saw a person cross the street when everyone else, cars included, had stopped for a fire truck entering the intersection from the opposite side. Let's just say that fire trucks have very, very good brakes.)

Comment Making a film from a book (Score 1) 155

"When a plagiarist takes the most recognizable portions of a novel and adapts them into a film..." ... then you know Disney is around. Most of their famous cartoons are based on stories that were out of copyright. They made movies out of them and have been getting the government to keep extending copyright so their products never lose it. Therefore I'm not able to create anything based on the original stories in which they based their movies on or else they'll sue my ass off saying I took my idea from their movies.

Comment Re:Has anyone cleared this with HR? (Score 1) 76

From the group of possible people to be fired, everybody partners up with another employee and whoever has the lower employee id does the paperwork for the other employee who will be let go. If odd number of employees the person left out of pairing process keeps job. You can also have people with the higher employee id stay or have them flip a coin to mix things up.

O(1) since it's a constant amount of time no matter how many many people get fired.

Comment Re:See, this application actually makes some sense (Score 1) 113

Yes, the infrastructure costs of rail are high but can generally be thought of as fixed. Running a train over a set of tracks does not do much, if any, damage to them. So if you can run a few extra trains in a period of time you are spreading the maintenance costs for the period over more runs. This allows the company to charge less per run for the maintenance costs and still make a profit.

If you load the train with shipping containers then you can quickly transition from ship/truck/train to train and back. Though normally you would get deliveries to a storage lot throughout the day, and possibly the night. The train would come into the lot with a load of containers which would be removed as the new containers to go would be loaded. The incoming containers would be taken to the lot and the outgoing containers would be taken there. You wouldn't want a hundred or two trucks waiting by the train to collect shipping containers and a similar amount of trucks waiting to drop containers off. It would be chaos.

Comment Fuck Apple... (Score 1) 267

How about concentrating on actually making some computers instead? Especially the desktops. It won't matter what the chip does if a lot of your customers feel forced to go to another vendor because you don't have a product available that meets their needs because you worked on a co-processor instead of releasing new computers.

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