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Comment Re: Just stop this nonsense (Score 1) 159

In Ontario you used to have to go our version of the DMV for drivers licenses and to another office to get the health card (with picture). I don't know where you went to get the age of majority card if you didn't drive. Now they have places that do just about everything in the one spot (with the big exception being the driving tests) instead of each department having their own service centre.

Comment Not the iPhone 7 (Score 1) 111

If the rumours of Apple moving to a three year cycle for the design of the iPhone are true then I'd be surprised if they brought out the iPhone 7 this year. Especially with next year being the 10th anniversary of the iPhone which will probably bring a big design refresh.

Not that I care because all I want is the smaller screen with all of the features that the larger phones have. Since Apple isn't making that phone I'm staying with my 5s.

Comment Re:Odd, this "free range" environment... (Score 1) 112

Most of the places I've worked have been open plan offices but two places had offices for everyone. It was great at those two places because it was much quieter so you could concentrate better. If you really needed some time to work on a problem you could close the door and stop interruptions. Paired programming in an open office environment is noisy and doesn't work well for trying to think about a problem.

What was missing from these offices were places where you could meet up with a couple of people to sit down and talk over a problem. Sometimes the offices were shared and you didn't want to bug your office mate or would be crowded with four or five people in them. Or a change of scenery is nice to talk over a problem.

Comment NAS (Score 1) 358

For an onsite option I bought an NAS that has room for two drives which I mirrored. (I would have liked a larger one that I could have gone with RAID-5 or RAID-6 but money prevented that.) I have my computers use Time Machine to back up to the NAS. I also use my NAS for BitTorrent Sync and other services (mail, DNS, proxy).

Ideally you would want an offsite option too in case something happened to your house.

Comment Re:Crap batteries in Dyson vacuums (Score 3, Interesting) 242

They may be good at coming up with some things but their implementation sucks.

I bought one of their tower fans for my bedroom. The infrared sensor for the remote is at the bottom of the unit so I had to sit up and reach my arm up in order for the remote to be in line with the sensor. It would also be a problem if any room with furniture in the way. Put the sensor at the top of the fan so it can be easily be seen by the remote.

The other big thing that bugged me about that fan was that it didn't remember if the oscillation was turned on or not. When you turned on the fan you always had to turn on the oscillation. I had bought the fan for $350 on sale and when you charge that much it should remember the state it was in when the fan was turned off. It remembered the power level. I have a 14 year old $50 fan that remembers if it was turning back and forth but a fan that costs hundreds more than the next expensive one doesn't.

I wrote the company about it and they said that's how it was designed. Well, they need someone to look at the user design of their products. I told Dyson that that I won't be buying any of their products because the human interface was flawed and I took the fan back to the store.

Comment Re:Horseshit! (Score 1) 84

Are you being treated, or received treatment, for your depression? If so that could explain your variety of photos, assuming that the treatment has produced some positive results (medications are working, CBT has changed thinking patterns). Or you just could be part of the group that this algorithm doesn't pick up.

Comment Not handy for the home (Score 2) 85

Since they are talking about many devices connecting to multiple routers it's not going to do much for the average home user then. I may have a couple of devices but only the one router. They haven't found a new Wi-Fi but a method for coordinating the routers to handle the load as they say their method could be applied to cell stations too.

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