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Comment Re:Microsoft == dumbass (Score 1) 114

It seems it's not active throttling, just fallback to failsafe set of features; it's not the issue of specifically "Firefox+Linux", it's the general "Other".

Instead of feature detection, they sniff the UA string and upon failing to find a "supported browser" serve code for "unsupported" which is woefully unoptimal.

So, not evil, just lazy and incompetent.

Comment Re:You're the idiot who keeps using that software. (Score 1) 320

I did say trouble, not that it was impossible. You have to agree that buying groceries for the next two or three weeks is a LOT easier when you're driving home in a car than a bike, no?

That's the problem with analogies, though. There will always be cases where they don't fit, or with you where you'd equal the use case of someone who CAN painlessly switch to Linux because everything you do now has a direct Linux equivalent.

Comment Re: Just stop (Score 1) 181

And I truly feel for you.

I get the impression you mistake my post for essentially saying "Man up and get off the meds, I did and it worked out well!" All I wanted to point out was that sometimes, from personal experience, it's just a few days of utter and complete pain hell to get out on the other side. I had no one who told me that.

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