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Comment Re:Not about the free market (Score 1) 904

You merely cannot say whatever you wish on SOMEONE ELSE'S forum.

Imagine that you are taking a ride on a train. You're having a crappy day, the train was late, the clerk at the desk selling tickets was rude, and you're talking to your friend about how you dislike this train line in general. The ticket inspector hears you and kicks you off the train. Is that fair? By your previous logic it must be.

Imagine that you are walking down the street, see a couple of cops eating donuts while leaning against their patrol car, and comment to your friend that you think cops are overpaid thugs. These cops immediately proceed to arrest you. Is that fair? By your previous logic it must be.

Free speech used to be about how you could stand in the town square and say whatever you wanted so long as it wasn't illegal. No one stands in the town square anymore - the new town squares are, you guessed it, places like Facebook, Youtube, game forums etc. The town square is the internet, and we are selling the right to free speech because the poor widdle companies get sad if we say things they don't like to hear.

Comment Re:done with user friendly (Score 2) 113

Not to mention the lawsuits when someone gets hit by a car because the light strip was malfunctioning. You know, instead of stopping to look BOTH WAYS before crossing the street like we were taught when we were three years old.

Seriously, that is what smartphones do: They make adults dumber than a three year old kid. This just proves it.

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