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Comment Email tie-in (Score 3, Informative) 72

The big problem is that for years, like, a LOT of years, you built your entire online existence on a single email address - and for many people that address was the one they got from their ISP.

Forums, Facebook, online games, pretty much EVERYTHING ties into your email address. And you do know what happens if you want to change the email attached to an account, right?

Yeah. They email the existing address on file to confirm. If you no longer have access to that address you're screwed.

Comment Re: So... (Score 1) 341

Maybe you can clarify something for me about US politics:

If you are from the same party as the President, must you always vote FOR him, and if you're from the opposite party must you always vote AGAINST him?

If so, why vote at all? Just have a cheat sheet of how many places are held by either side and pass/kill anything the President does based on that.

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