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Comment Re:As a European... (Score 2) 58

Depends a bit on which European country, mind you.

In Denmark, a new plan called Plenti offers unlimited minutes, texts, and data for 119 DKR (approximately 17-18 USD) per month. If you tether they cap that data at 50 GB per month.

Meanwhile in Germany, just thirty minutes from the Danish border, Vodafone very kindly upgraded my phone's data plan last month from 200 MB per month to 500 MB per month, and I pay some 20 or 25 Euro (same in USD, basically) per month for that crap.

Comment Re:Why were the updates problematic? (Score 1) 156

You are one person. For a specific person to experience an error with 0.001% chance of happening is extremely unlikely.

Microsoft releases a patch to the whole world. Let's say a hundred million devices download it across the globe. Suddenly that 0.001% becomes really friggin' common to hear about.

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