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Comment Thanks for helping me save $$. I love Comcast. (Score 1) 243

My next-wall neighbour and I were always kidding around about sharing a subscription. (Because of the layout of his place, the placement of his router gives better signal in my living-room than in his.)

I just talked to him, and ... I closed my account and switched my main router to be a client to his router. I was on a lower tier than he, so now I am saving $$ and getting batter service for only $50/month.

So, I, for one, thank our dark ComCast overlords.

Comment I like EVs, and I can afford one. But ... (Score 1) 688

.. as much as I like EVs, I like my current condo more. As of right now, there is no way for the couple hundred cars parked in my condo's underground to get charged. The changes to the building's electrical grid to make charging possible are absolutely cost prohibitive. So, no EV for me my neighbours and other millions of people in a similar situation.

Not everyone lives, or wants to live, in a detached house in the suburbia.

Comment Re:No shit, sherlock (Score 4, Insightful) 104

Don't forget that a lot of people there have decent CS and maths education, but less than optimal employment opportunities.

Add to that a dim view of government in general, and you have a bunch of young people who will be happy to spend whatever time it takes to achieve a certain goal. For the wast majority the nefariousness of the goal is a complete non issue.

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