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Comment Way too late, way too expensive. (Score 1) 341

I have an 120" screen in my living room. My HTPC is connected to the 5.1 receiver and the projector. I have control over the sound, picture and play/pause.

If I wanted to see a movie in a theatre it would be more inconvenient than seeing it at home in my pyjamas or buck naked(Butt naked for the younger ones amongst you.).

But it's not $25, never mind $50, more inconvenient. At the most, I would be willing to pay double the movie theatre price, which around here is $8.

Comment Re:It's always cost (Score 2) 274

> I ran across a book on amazon the other day that was $25 for hardcover or $25 for kindle.

My girlfriend was asking why I was willing to spend "just as much" for a real book as for a e-book. I replied, "storage". There are many books in my library that I would GLADLY trade for an "e" version. Not all, mind you, but most.

For 90% of my book purchases it goeslike:
Grab e-book from Amazon.
Remove DRM.
Throw in Calibre.
Read on whatever device I like, wherever I am.(Calibre server running on a Pogoplug.)

Comment Thanks for helping me save $$. I love Comcast. (Score 1) 243

My next-wall neighbour and I were always kidding around about sharing a subscription. (Because of the layout of his place, the placement of his router gives better signal in my living-room than in his.)

I just talked to him, and ... I closed my account and switched my main router to be a client to his router. I was on a lower tier than he, so now I am saving $$ and getting batter service for only $50/month.

So, I, for one, thank our dark ComCast overlords.

Comment I like EVs, and I can afford one. But ... (Score 1) 688

.. as much as I like EVs, I like my current condo more. As of right now, there is no way for the couple hundred cars parked in my condo's underground to get charged. The changes to the building's electrical grid to make charging possible are absolutely cost prohibitive. So, no EV for me my neighbours and other millions of people in a similar situation.

Not everyone lives, or wants to live, in a detached house in the suburbia.

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