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Comment Re:Don't buy this (Score 1) 435

It needs more than a discreet vent panel to fight the mold. I recently got rid of a front-loader which I inherited and it was awful to keep cleaning the gasket and the mold never really died nor dried. Switched to a modern top loader and am so much happier, we can even soak a load of clothes now - which could never be done in a front loader.

Comment Re:Slow day in tech, then? (Score 1) 575

Apparently the bidding was halted at $800, since the news reports don't tell of any higher offer prior to UA Express resorting to the computer random selection. This was a long simmering process failure, it should have been decided long before boarding time so that customers could be inconvenienced - aka reaccomodated - without their knowledge rather than be forced into a stalemated auction. The result would have been similar, four people would be pissed off to stay in Chi-town overnight, but no bloodshed would have been required.

Comment Re:Is anyone asking the real question here? (Score 1) 575

An excellent point, those first three people decided not to question their selection to be #REACCOMODATED whilst the last man felt his opportunity cost was much more valuable than waiting an entire day. UA definitely should have determined their own crew deployment need ahead of the flight time and simply bumped four random passengers prior to the opening of the boarding door. I've not been bumped in recent memory, but have observed this happen on nearly every flight I've taken, and while there is consternation at the gate counter there isn't a need to drag a man bloodily through the corridors.

Comment Re:Nice job . . . (Score 1) 421

well, I'm a curmudgeonly boomer who has been suspicious of IoT since the start, and am satisfied I still have manual light switches and such like you. It's ridiculous to entrust your home (castle) to anyone else, cuz they don't care a whit for you, just the buck or two they will swindle from you before they go lights out.

Comment Re:Never had a globe? (Score 1) 321

What in the heck is an assistant superintendent of opportunity and achievement gaps? Perhaps that is the real problematic issue with BPS, not the map projections. Fire this person, eliminate his department and associated staff, then use some of the cost savings to buy new globes for each classroom.

Comment Re:And I keep coming back to my same question (Score 1) 693

You don't seem to understand what "settled" means. "Settled" doesn't mean that new evidence is rejected;

Apparently you don't understand how the AGWCC folk intend to use the term settled science, as we can see new evidence contrary to their pet positions being consistently and continually rejected, even to the point now that they want to use USA RICO law to persecute those who have the temerity to hold an opposing position.

Comment Re:Saw this coming years ago. (Score 1) 204

Telco carriers have known the problem of the last mile to the house for many decades. In fact, this very issue of the extraordinary cost of stringing wire to every home scuttled the proposed merger of MCI & British Telecom about 20 years ago. I laughed heartily when I heard Google claim they could drastically reduce the cost of laying fibre to the house, when recalling how MCI declared to Congress it would cost $900M/annually to attempt to break into the local telephone market, this back in the 90's when copper was still vying with fibre, which scared off BT to let Worldcom swoop in and wreck MCI.

Seems Google/Alphabet/xyz-eieio have suddenly got religion on the money sink that they embarked upon.

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