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Comment Re:Sounds pointless to me .... (Score 1) 264

I felt that way to although you did manage to state it much better then I could.

Consoles are easy you just look at the system it was made for and know it work. You can just slip the disk in and play it after maybe an update or small install. Also being able to be played easilly on a large screen TV is also a plus as it gives me more to do with my 40 inch TV and nicer then a 19 inch monitor

Comment Re:Strong enough for a man, made for a woman (Score 2) 858

>You know, the entire Gamergate movement was predicated on the notion that feminists had no business reviewing games that were geared towards men. "Let them make their own games" was the rallying cry.

That is so far from the truth that even a map would not help.

Gamergate as said by another was corruption in game reviews. It was discovered that someone reviewing a game had a personal relationship with said woman which was not disclosed. It got even worse when game "journalists" banded together to twist the truth and outright lie about what was going on, treating the people who would be into games or read their reviews like trash.

Comment Bad call (Score 1) 293

Here I go into this thinking he said that so there be a reason to make better ways to encrypt data and force better security. Although heck John Macafee went and explained how the FBI could and does hack into other phones which does not involve forcing phone security to take a shit. This is not about safety this is about power to spy on people.

And to Adi Shamir...TURN IN YOUR GEEK CARD!! You clearly are a moron who does not care anymore.

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