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Comment Re:I can haz (Score 1) 127

Actually I think that Facebook is shooting for something completely different than the Amazon market. Amazon is trying to bring competition to the app-space where Facebook is attempting to subvert everything that's done on the phone. Amazon want to sell apps that will run on your phone. Facebook wants to give you apps that run inside of the Facebook app. Facebook wants to be to the iPhone sort of what ChromeOS is to the netbook. You turn on your phone, open up the Facebook shell and then run all your apps inside their framework, this approach is much more damaging to Apple than a competing market like Amazon is.

Comment Re:Selection bias, anyone? (Score 1) 136

They got the passwords by getting into a unknown website's database (obviously smart money is on The email breakdown at the top of the article corresponds to the email that was associated with the accounts. None of the email services (hotmail or gmail) were actually compromised. Knowing Lulzsec's past work they probably got access via a simple SQL injection.

Comment Re:Creative, but predictable. (Score 1) 310

ANAL = Ammonia-Nitrate + Aluminium Powder an extremely volatile mix. So much so that the heat from rubbing two rough wooden boards together can set it off. So if you make the container and pressure plate out of wood, there's no way for a metal detector to find it, our jammers don't work because there's no RC signal, and there's no give-away like an ant trail because it's victim operated and completely self contained. Just because a people have less access to modern technology doesn't make them any less creative. Any insurgent, whether in Libya like in the article, Iraq, Afghanistan, soon Yemen, is on equal mental footing to us.

Comment Re:Comcaast usage policy: Pay more, get less (Score 1) 578

No he didn't start tracking until the 20th of January so that month's number is low. And it's not the end of the month yet so May's number is low.

If you consider 11 days in January = 61.67 GB that's ~5.6 GB per day. So if that was an accurate of per day bandwidth the entire month it would be about 174 GB for the month, much closer to his February number. We can do the same thing with May and find 7.715 GB per day and a projected 239.165 GB for this month.

Overall if you were to plot the numbers it shows a steady increase in usage from January to now. So if anything you should have left out the "and got her back in May" part because that would imply he's slowly sinking deeper into the world of the internet after February.
Wireless Networking

Submission + - Finding Municipal Wi-Fi Success (

sbrown3820 writes: "Listening to the news over the last few weeks with Earthlink rethinking its business model for providing municipal Wi-Fi services and several major cities declaring their wireless program sinking ships (Chicago and San Fran most notably), you'd think the world of muni-wireless had come to an end." With all these examples of Wi-Fi Failure where are the examples of success? "Google recently took a moment to do something surprising: congratulate itself on a year of successful citywide Wi-Fi in its own hometown of Mountain View. The success of municipal WiFi is not just limited to one city."

Seven Wonders of the IT World 170

C.G. Lynch writes "The computer closest to the North Pole. The most intriguing data center. The biggest scientific computing grid. The little kernel that rocked the world. has compiled a list of Seven Wonders of the IT World, some of the most impressive and unusual systems on the planet (and beyond)."

Submission + - Today is World Suicide Prevention Day (

grrlscientist writes: "Nearly everyone will experience the loss of a colleague, friend, co-worker, family member or neighbor to suicide .. learn what you can do to save a life.

Today was designated as World Suicide Prevention Day, to raise public awareness of this problem, to encourage discussion and increase understanding about suicide. The goal is to remove the stigma associated with depression and suicidality because this powerful social taboo prevents people from seeking the help they need and especially places men at great at risk for completed suicide. Includes how to identify when a person is considering suicide and what you can do to help prevent this person from following throough with it."


Submission + - Skype worm infects Windows PCs (

walterbays writes: "Skype Ltd. warned its users today that a worm targeting Windows PCs is spreading through the service's instant messenger... After hijacking contacts from an infected machine's Skype software, it sends messages to those people that include a live link. Recipients who blithely click on the URL — which poses as a JPG image but is actually a download to a file with the .scr extension — wind up infected."

Submission + - Standards post-OOXML, and what about PDF? (

davemc writes: Jim King, Adobes PDF Architect, has a blog entry up that compares the standardization efforts of PDF (through ISO) and OOXML. It's a very informative look at what makes a worthwhile standard, and well worth reading, especially in the aftermath of OOXML. Given the number of PDFs in the world, it's also a topic we should be aware of.

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