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Comment Re:Actually some already possessed the violence (Score 2) 162

Europe and Russia had a long history of pogroms before the Nazis, pogroms where thousands of Jews would be killed by mobs. The anti-semitism and willingness to kill was already there. The Nazis just exploited it. Add that to a society that glorified the military and strict obedience to command authority and you end up with an institution willing to kill innocent civilians.

Comment Have them work on site using your secure computers (Score 1) 234

If you are really paranoid, have them work in a secure room that doesn't have Internet access and where personal electronics are forbidden. No laptops, no USB drives, no smart phones, nothing that could be used to copy code.

And regardless of the code security issues, managing remote contractors is slow and difficult. If time is a consideration, they must work in your office where questions can be asked and answered quickly... no need to schedule a teleconference on Outlook 3 days from now.

Comment Re:False metric (Score 2) 232

More to the point above about C at on 7.5%, most software engineers already know C and those that don't aren't going to search the web for a tutorial. There are plenty of well written books on the language that are far beyond anything you would find in an online tutorial. I would assume that also applies for other older language like C++ and Perl.

Comment Re:America: Not allowed to dream big anymore (Score 2) 342

HSR won't get rid of the car problem because once you get to your terminus you'll still need a car to get around. San Francisco and Los Angeles metropolises are very large and destinations within each can take well over an hour to reach by car without traffic. Public transit is even worse with non-direct routes and frequent stops. BTW, commercial jets fly at 30,000 feet because that is where they are most fuel efficient even accounting for the extra burn to get at altitude.

Comment Re:America: Not allowed to dream big anymore (Score 5, Insightful) 342

If they wanted to have a chance for this to work, and to have some reasonable number of passengers, they should have built it along the coast along the Coast Sub route connecting LA, Simi Valley, Oxnard, Ventura, Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, up to Monterrey and into San Jose. There is splits to SF and Sacramento. There are already tracks there that used to be the main passenger route when trains were king. Today there is little freight or passenger traffic north of Santa Barbara. There are fewer and shorter tunnels so the work is probably orders of magnitude easier.

Additionally CA should be upgrading the Hwy 5 corridor in the SJ valley. It's two lanes each way but with the amount of commercial traffic it should be 4.

Finally, spending money on expanding the reservoir system should be the top priority. Often times we get a decent amount of rain but it just runs off into the ocean. Are main reserve is the snow pack in the Sierras but if global warming is true, there is going to be less and less each year.

Comment Intelligence may peak at 26 but wisdom peaks at 50 (Score 1) 362

A top programmer in his early 20's will attack a problem in all earnest, formulating an elegant solution that uses the latest technology with one of the esoteric algorithms he learned in school. He'll pull a series of all-nighters until it gets done and when delivered, he'll get the acclaim of his peers.

A top programmer in his 40's - 60's will delay writing code if possible. Instead he'll look at the problem, decompose it, try to find analogies, talk to stake holders to find out the REAL problem. Then he'll look to see if it has been solved before. Or if there is a framework available that fits the problem to minimize re-inventing the wheel. Then he'll code. The end result will likely be an even more elegant, more transparent, and more maintainable solution.

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