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Comment Re:Hopefully... (Score 1) 135

Um, I think you missed the point. The important number is the amount of energy used for ICE transport. The number and capacity of brand x electric vehicle does not matter. I'm supposed to be working now so I won't go and look this up, but I suspect that 30% of the energy content of our transport fuel far outstripps all "alternative" generation capacity. IIRC, an article in the IEEE Spectrum way back in 1996 stated that replacing the average energy flux into gas tanks in the greater L.A. basin on a typical Friday afternoon would require about 100x the output of the Hoover Dam. Polywell fusion anyone? Sorry about the line breaks, don't know why they are not showing up correctly.

Comment DigiKey number + your own codes (Score 1) 1

We ran into this in a small company. Eventually we just built a simple Access database with the DigiKey number, cross references to other vendors' numbers where appropriate, and then fields for all our assemblies that used it. We had mechanical assemblies too. Total was a few hundred parts and a couple dozen boards and mechanical widgets. We also had links to cad files, software, etc. We are not db people, this had to be simple... and cheap. I'd love to know what else people use.

Comment Implant a ROM (Score 1) 1186

Tattoos are so ... analog. Just get all of math encoded on a chip and have that embedded. Make sure it has an RF interface, like the modern ID tags for pets, and someday you will be able to read it with your phone or whatever. You could be the first person with their own brain-coprocessor.

Submission + - Inertial mass separate from gravitational mass? (

CPerdue writes: From MIT ARXIV blog

"The equivalence principle is one of the more fascinating ideas in modern science. It asserts that gravitational mass and inertial mass are identical. Einstein put it like this: the gravitational force we experience on Earth is identical to the force we would experience were we sitting in a spaceship accelerating at 1g. Newton might have said that the m in F=ma is the same as the ms in F=Gm1m2/r^2...

All that changes today with the extraordinary work of Endre Kajari at the University of Ulm in Germany and a few buddies. They show how it is possible to create situations in the quantum world in which the effects of inertial and gravitational mass must be different. In fact, they show that these differences can be arbitrarily large."

Um, inertial dampeners and hyperdrives anyone?


GPS Receiver Noise Can Be Used To Detect Snow Depth 51

cremeglace writes "Scientists at the University of Colorado at Boulder have found a use for GPS besides finding restaurants or the occasional road-that-doesn't-exist: it can be used to measure snow depth. The new technique, which takes advantage of distortions of the GPS signal after it reflects off the snowpack, may potentially improve weather forecasts by allowing meteorologists to track snowfall patterns. ScienceNOW has the story, which one geophysicist describes as 'a classical case of one person's noise becoming another person's signal.'"

Comment Re:9.4 B (£7.0 B, $13.4 B) (Score 1) 74

well it's a story about operators in the UK where the GBP is king. also the euro has a relevancy here too

the dollar isn't really relevant to a story here unless it's maybe about the exchange rate or some such.

so unless you are personally willing to go through ALL the stories here on slashdot and convert ALL the dollar values to GBP and Euros then there's ALWAYS to help

you are welcome

Comment Re:Explain this to me (Score 1) 228

I totally disagree with you here. Apple feels 100% different from Microsoft (hell, they even put the minimize, maximize and close icons on the window manager completely on the opposite site) and yet they succeed.

No; you need quality. As Linux user I will be taking a fresh perspective on this from a higher purpose here. First up: Does it even work? The awnser is "NO". Yeah it is comming with Gallium3D bla bla bla but it is comming and it is not here yet. So no-go from graphics (unless you still feel like using a 2D desktop ala 2009) and no-go for OpenCL.

Next stop: "Does it have advantages over the competition?" The awnser is "It's on par". Linux, in an idiot-friendly distro, is not faster and about kind-of as secure as Mac (maybe more, maybe less; only the future will tell us).

Final destination: "Does it out-app the competition?" and the awnser is probably still "No".

So ladies and gentleman: Linux is not ready yet, although I believe it will be kicking serious ass in a year or four.

Comment Re:Success in general... (Score 1) 69

Correct me if I am wrong but don't most indie developers code for the more hardcore and niche market where big studios target a mainstream audience? So to survive financially, the indies need to either change their approach or find a way to reach a larger mass.

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