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Comment Re:Ties to Government? (Score 1) 108

Just making an observation in passing, and I may be completely wrong, of course, in which case somebody can earn a few, cheap points by correcting me; but over the recent years there has been a number of similar articles about "Chinese Hackers", and the majority view has always appeared to be that this was undoubtedly true.

rtb61 is not the "majority view" and he's been quite consistent in his opinions. I find that once you go from an imaginary viewpoint to a real one, there is a surprising amount of consistency.

Comment Re:Is this for real? (Score 1) 58

Whatever problem NASA has with bureaucracy and money-wasting, compared to the UN they are like Henry Ford and Jeff Bezos combined.

Yeah better to let the US run things than to actually let other people in the world have a say in anything.

So the people of the world have spoken, and they want bureaucracy and money-wasting? Interesting.

Comment Re:What kind of drugs (Score 1) 491

Is he going to use to keep 100 people confined in a restricted space for 80 days from tearing out each others throats?

Go to Mars? Easy. Live with other people for 12 weeks? That's hard.

This only works on submarines since the sailors all want to go home one day but ad it stands Mars is a one way, survival of the fittest voyage.

So you didn't have to strain yourself to think of an Earth-side example where this worked. I imagine it'll work for a Mars voyage for similar reasons.

Comment Re:Pretty cool (Score 1) 165

In California, it's almost $50 a month for a 380W server. I switched to an old 14W netbook with an SSD and a 4TB drive hanging off the USB 2 port, which acts as a file server just as well. It can't transcode, but I store everything in MP4 anyway. I turned off the Wifi and Bluetooth radios and saved another 4W.

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