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Comment Re:How to train: yaay! (Score 1) 201

Agree 100%. Not only is it the best animated feature of the year (Toy Story 3 was good but not great), but probably one of the best animated features ever. It does a better job of character development than most movies and the main character is easy to relate to, especially for those of us that are categorized as nerds (social outcast, smart, good with gadgets, likes the hot chick, etc). My almost 3 year old son loves it and I don't mind watching it with him dozens of times.

As for the other movies, I have yet to see most of them, but will eventually. I did see The Social Network in the theaters and thought it was good considering the topic, but not on the same level as previous winners. It's worth watching, but I don't think it's worthy of winning.

Comment Re:Your definition of movie may vary... (Score 1) 207

Not entirely true about why we started, but it's a good reason for continuing. I started TheTVDB because there was a need for an open API for TV data and since there was a somewhat horrible site handling part of it and another separate site handling the images. My goal was to combine both and make it completely open. Still, like I said, IMDB's restrictions are still reason to continue what we've been doing. /TheTVDB founder

Comment Re:iPad has it's niche (Score 1) 514

This is exactly correct. My wife has an iPad since her computer died a week before they were released. Her old computer was by the couch and she mainly did email and Facebook while watching TV. For the price we were looking at a netbook or low end laptop, since there really wasn't a need for a full desktop system out there. The only game she plays is Bejeweled and we have my computer for more advanced tasks.

The iPad works perfectly for her. She's no longer stuck at the couch when she wants to be online and has more to do while exercising as well. She's got a decent sized screen to work with. Our toddler can actually play games on it (touchscreen instead of mouse works perfectly). Certain games and tasks are completely natural on it. I don't play RTS games, but I'd be willing to bet it's incredible for them.

I'm not an Apple zealot by any means. Hell, my AppleTV (purchased because my modded Xbox died) is running XBMC. The iPad is not for everyone and won't replace a primary computer, but it does definitely work great for some users.

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